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Poll: Over 90% of British Straight Men Like to Cuddle With Dudes

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Apr 29, 2014

New research from two sociologists found that 93 percent of British men, who identify as straight, said they have cuddled with another man, Gay Star News reports.

The scientists, Eric Anderson, from the University of Winchester, and Mark McCormack, from Durham University, also found that 98 percent of the men surveyed shared a bed with one of their male buddies. The researchers published their study, which they say examines "homosociality," in the journal Men and Masculinities.

The sociologists, who surveyed 40 college students, say the less homophobic a straight man is, the more comfortable they are with being intimate with their friends.

A man named Jarrett, who was interviewed in the study, said: "We're always cuddling, my lot. We're all comfortable with each other."

Max, another participant in the study, said he and his friends take care of their hangovers by watching TV, playing video games and cuddling with each other.

"If your mate has a headache you can like massage his head, or you just lie there together holding each other and laughing about how awful you feel," he said.

The sociologists found that 39 out of the 40 straight men surveyed slept in a bed with another guy since they started college. Some of the guys said it was out of necessity - the students had to bunk up together due to a small dorm room - while others said they wanted to feel close to their friends.

"Most indicated that it was not necessary to be close friends to share a bed with someone," the researchers said. "Most indicated that it was not necessary to be close friends to share a bed with someone."

The sociologists said they know their sample size was small but hope to extend their research to other schools and age groups, GSN notes.


  • , 2014-04-30 07:16:10

    So you can be gay and still be "straight!" Where does this leave those who really are gay who have been bullied, attacked, murdered, exterminated, and can be fired from their jobs because we need to cuddle with their partners?

  • , 2014-05-03 15:01:06

    A much as I like the idea of straight guys cuddling with each other, the sample size for this was only 40 people. That’s hardly statistically significant. The fact that they were all students in college makes it more biased. People who attend college have a higher likelihood to be more open-minded. I’d be interested to know if this study was peer-reviewed. While I realize that the researchers acknowledge the limitations of the sample size, the headline for this article makes quite a lofty declaration.

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