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Kazakhstan Lawmaker Wants ’Lesbianism’ Banned

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jan 17, 2014

A lawmaker in Kazakhstan is urging his peers to outlaw "lesbianism" in addition to sex between men, news site Vocativ reports.

Nurlan Abdirov, a deputy in the lower house of Kazakhstan, told the legal affairs committee that "special themed sessions and round tables" will be held to discuss the punishment for "lesbianism and other aspects of the sexual and gender sphere."

As Gay Star News reports, if the Central Asian country did ban sex between women, it would be one of the few countries in the world to do so.

According to Tengri News, the country's news site, (via Gay Star News), Adbirov told lawmakers they should strongly consider bringing people "to book" for "lesbianism and other aspects of the sexual and gender sphere."

In October, it was reported Kazakhstan's Parliament deputy suggested introducing a new bill to outlaw same-sex relations, both sex between men and sex between women.

"I believe it necessary not only to enhance the article 11 of the Family Code (persons not allowed to marry), but also to develop a draft law eradicating same-sex relations, and close the nightclubs everywhere," MP deputy Bakhytbek Smagul said during his address to Kazakhstan Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov.

Smagul added that several countries have "set traditional family relations a priority in their state policies". Countries like Afghanistan, Malaysia and Indonesia, have adopted laws banning same-sex relationships because those relationships "are not part of their national mentalities," Tengir News writes. Smagul added, "Russia also intends to adopt such law."

Additionally, in August 2013, Kazakhstan's parliament pushed to pass a bill that mirrors Russia's "homosexual propaganda" law, in order to "route out gay clubs and ban the LGBT community's pride parades," Tengri News writes.

"I asked to ban gay-clubs, demonstrations and any and all of these disgusting relations. I received a reply that Kazakhstan had no such law (allowing to close the clubs)," Aldan Smaiyl, a member of the country's Lower Chamber, or Majilis, said.


  • MNrainbow, 2014-01-17 15:01:08

    Yes, because straight people never do what gays do in bed... And all gays ever do is have sex... Yep, gays are just sex machines!

  • Sara Homo, 2014-01-19 02:30:05

    I respect the opinion of the MNrainbow in the description of gay sex machines, attributed here to Who are those whom made ??us so? Is not the straight? We have the ability to highlight femininity that is within us and keep social relations As males also, in other words, we live life more than men and women, because we hold both qualities, so detested for us in the most sterile country to understand our own lives and how to deal with for any reply pls.

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