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Avicii at TD Garden :: June 25, 2014

by Rory Francis
Account Executive
Friday Jun 27, 2014
Avicii (DJ Tim Bergling)
Avicii (DJ Tim Bergling)  

On June 25th, Swedish house DJ Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii performed the long awaited True Tour show at Boston's TD Garden to a very packed, energetic house.

Avicii has quickly risen to international super-stardom, consistently ranking in the top five list of DJ's worldwide. The original performance scheduled for April 10th, had to be postponed due to Bergling requiring emergency surgery. He was rushed to the hospital in Miami to have his gall bladder and appendix removed. Avicii later tweeted that he "felt like s**t" but was on the road to recovery.

The show at TD Garden, the first of his re-scheduled North American tour, was definitely worth the wait. Swarms of tweens in proper rave attire, short shorts, suspenders, pink boots and tank tops rounded out the crowd and filled the main floor. Everyone bounced around in mobs of glory as we waited for Avicii to come onstage. The energy level hit intense as the screen played a video montage of him playing piano and walking onto the stage carrying his laptop. The lights dropped and the crowd was dancing, and swaying to the electrifying beats.

A shot from the floor of the Avicii show at TD Garden on Wednesday night  (Source:EDGE)

Throughout the set, Avicii played tracks from his most recent album, "True," and sampled other unreleased work. His latest single "Addicted To You" really got the crowd going, people bellowing the lyrics along the accompanying laser light and smoke show. Other tracks of his, "Dear Boy" and "Hey Brother," were highlights as well. Bergling also covered songs such as Swedish House Mafia’s "Don’t You Worry Child," as well as sampling Ellie Goulding’s "Burn." Lessor known tracks, "Liar Liar" and "Shame on You" kept the crowd going through the highlights and glitter cannons. Avicii’s ability to mix tracks, old and new along with his own blend of beats and piano keys to create a fluid, non-stop performance is unrivaled.

Just after 11 P.M., as he wrapped up his set, the crowd chanted "Avicii, Avicii" over and over until he came back on and the beat for "Wake Me Up" began. "Wake Me Up" has been on the top of the charts worldwide. (It is also the track used on the trailer of the "Lego Movie.") After ending the show with such a strong note, he thanked Boston for being such a great crowd, which was reflected on social media as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter feeds instantly filled up with highlights of the show.

As great as the lights and sounds of the show were, it wasn’t all fun. The Garden imposed a strict beverage limit for the 21+ crowd, however that didn’t stop the unfortunate events that took place. While only a couple of fans were seen being removed in wheelchairs and on stretchers throughout the show, reports quickly escalated that many more were being rushed to the hospital. Texts and tweets came in from around the country as the news spread and people made sure everyone they knew was ok.

Live Nation issued the following statement on Thursday, June 26th:

"Live Nation cares deeply about all of the fans and it is truly unfortunate when individuals make poor personal decisions out of our control that could harm themselves and others. Avicii is one of the most beloved artists in music and we have promoted multiple shows for him to hundreds of thousands fans. There is no track record of any issues with widespread intoxication and we have never had to cancel any performance due to reckless behavior involving drugs or alcohol. Anything reported to the contrary is simply false."

Avicii also tweeted after the show as well:

"Just hearing the awful news abt tonight. Its a terrible thing I rly hope everyone is ok! My thoughts go to those affected & their families."

Overall the performance was amazing. The combination of the lights, energy and sound only Avicii could produce triumphed over the poor decisions made by a few attendees.


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