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UK B&B Owners Lose Appeal Over Gay Discrimination

Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

The Christian owners of a hotel in southern England have lost a U.K. Supreme Court appeal over whether their refusal to let a gay couple stay amounted to discrimination.

Peter Bull and his wife, Hazelmary, were ordered to pay damages in 2011 to Martyn Hall and his partner Steven Preddy for turning the couple away from Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion in southwestern England.

The Bulls - both devout Christians - had refused on religious grounds to let Hall and Preddy share a room.

The Bulls had denied sex discrimination and ultimately took their case to Britain's highest court.

Five Supreme Court judges ruled against them on Wednesday.

Hazelmary Bull said she was "deeply disappointed and saddened" by the ruling.

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  • patroy, 2013-11-27 09:58:37

    IF you own a business that caters to the public, you MUST treat EVERYONE equally!! When will these "christians" realize that discrimination cn only be practiced behind their church walls!!

  • GT, 2013-11-27 18:35:14

    Well said 4x4cheese. Look what we did in Illinois. We caused tornadoes.

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