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Ukraine Gives Initial Approval to Anti-Gay Bill

Tuesday Oct 2, 2012

KIEV, Ukraine - Ukrainian lawmakers have given tentative approval to a much-criticized bill that envisions jail time for people who disseminate positive information about gays.

The bill submitted over the summer has caused outrage among Western rights groups and politicians who have called it a flashback to Soviet times, when homosexuality was a criminal offense.

The bill envisages prison terms of up to five years for spreading ''propaganda of homosexuality,'' which is defined as positive public depiction of gays. The bill's authors have cited movies like ''Brokeback Mountain'' as an example of such propaganda.

Despite the criticism, legislators on Tuesday passed the bill in the first of two required readings. President Viktor Yanukovych has refused to say whether he will sign the bill into law.

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  • , 2012-10-02 15:29:26

    It was my saddest day today! I dont understand how to live in such a democratic country like my Ukraine where to be homosexual from now means to be a sexual pervert who can cause demographic crisis. And the spread of homosexuality threatens the national security of the Republic. Millions of people living their own ordinary lives have become sexual perverts in one moment. IT s a real tragedy for us! Pray for us, ukrainian gays and lesbians, because we are now threatening the national security of Ukraine. We are not human beings anymore for the ukrainian government!

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