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NYPD Want to Question 8 Knicks Fans in Beating on Gay Couple

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday May 9, 2013

UPDATE: DNAinfo New York reported Wednesday that the New York Police Department now wants to question eight Knicks fans that may be linked to the gay bashing. The NYPD released a video that revealed eight people of interest; most of the alleged suspect are wearing Knicks caps or jerseys.

The weekend attack on a gay couple in midtown Manhattan is now being investigated as a hate crime by the New York City Police Department, CBS New York reports.

Nick Porto and his partner Kevin Atkins were assaulted in broad daylight on Sunday around 5 p.m., outside Madison Square Garden as the New York Knicks played the Indiana Pacers. Porto told DNAInfo New York that he was walking arm-in-arm with Atkins when they were knocked to the ground by a group of men in their 20s wearing Knicks jerseys.

The group called the couple faggots, made fun of the pair of jeans Porto, a clothing designer, made for himself. When Porto asked why they were yelling, the men allegedly attacked them to the ground and began kicking and punching them.

"Fists started flying. I was on the ground, and the only thing I could do, I reached out and grabbed someone's hair," Porto said. The attackers fled the scene before police arrived and a detective told the couple there were too many people wearing Knicks jerseys to identify the men who assaulted them.

After the incident, the couple was taken to a nearby hospital. Atkins suffered a broken wrist, which has left him unable to do his job, which requires a lot of typing. In addition, his bag with an iPad and cell phone was destroyed in the attack, according to DNAInfo. Porto suffered a broken nose and has severe headaches.

"I'm so upset - it's my fault, I spoke back to them - that Kevin was hit. He didn't deserve it whatsoever," Porto said. "I was that idiot that should have just walked away." He added that he's never had a fear "like this before in the city" and that he didn't know "that this sort of stuff still happens."

Police told CBS New York they are investigating the incident as a hate crime.


  • gdhamf, 2013-05-07 20:58:52

    We still have to live in this world, mace and a taser make me a happy camper. I do hope I never need to use them but...

  • Bob K, 2013-05-08 02:23:54

    This is right in midtown, a block from Macys, by Penn Station, where you would think it’s safe. However, as Nick realized too late, this kind of scum is gonna be at a Nicks game.

  • Bob K, 2013-05-08 02:27:11

    To add to that - not "blaming the victim"- I would never hold hands on 34th St W of 5th, or near subway stops in that area. Much of midtown and lower Manhattan are pretty safe, but the shopping district and the Garden attract guys like these bashers.

  • Oh Jed said:, 2013-05-08 07:38:13

    When you get a bunch of these insecure pussies in jerseys, who have probably been drinking, its no better than hyenas.

  • , 2013-05-08 15:55:12

    I think when you are a New Yorker you know the "safe" areas to be open, but seriously it shouldn’t be that way what made me sad was he said he shouldn’t have said anything. FORGET that you come at my man, I’m coming back at you. I would’ve have crossed the street though, since I was a kid I never trust men in packs. The guy who started the whole thing was most likely a closet case.

  • , 2013-05-08 18:23:53

    The bashers used to get away with bashing by saying the victim(s) came on to them so they deserved it. Now a day

  • , 2013-05-12 08:37:42

    This is the second article about gay bashing in NYC - I love NYC and always felt safe there. The bashers know we are the last "race" of people you can still legally discriminate against. We must fight for Federal civil rights protection.

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