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Okla. Man Starts Fire in Home After Meeting ’Homosexual Demon’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Police from Oklahoma City say a man destroyed his apartment and lit it on fire after claiming he met a "homosexual demon," Oklahoma City's NBC-affiliated station KFOR reports.

According to authorities, police were called to Jeremy Jarnell Anderson's apartment last Wednesday when they received a call that a "person was going ballistic." Police said the caller said the man's face was bloody, that he kicked a door off its hinges, poured salt and soap over himself, and was breaking glass.

When police arrived at Anderson's apartment they found him covered in blood and screaming, with one officer saying Anderson was "clearly out of touch with reality." Anderson, 22, also threw glass objects and furniture out the door and windows of his apartment.

Police tried to talk to Anderson but ended up using a TASER on him. Anderson, however, ripped off the probes and yelled that the TASER wouldn't work on him and told officers to put down their weapons so he could "fist fight them."

Officers then used a sledge hammer to get into the apartment, where they discovered the walls and floor covered in blood, bleach and "other substances." Additionally, a small fire was burning near the stove, which filled the house with smoke.

Officers were finally able to detain Anderson, and he was sent to the hospital. There, Anderson said he did not do anything wrong and was remodeling his house but later admitted he needed to be on medication.

The police report states Anderson said he started the fire in the apartment because he was "cooking the Bible" because he is a "Satanist." He also said that he met a "possessed homosexual demon" who wanted drugs from him and to perform sexual acts on him, later adding he "wasn't gay, just high." When Anderson came to, he said he couldn't believe he let the male demon touch him, KFOR reports.

Anderson was arrested on Thursday and is being held at Oklahoma County jail. He faces first-degree arson charges.


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