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Michigan 'Dog Bill' Proposes Steep Jail Time for 'Sodomy'

Feb 6
The Michigan state senate has approved an animal protection bill that would incidentally reinforce the state's already existing -- and unconstitutional -- ban on same-sex intimacy.

Threat Targets Sheriff's Office at Center of Netflix Series

Feb 4
A caller who phoned in a bomb threat to a Wisconsin county sheriff's office made an apparent reference to "getting justice" for the man at the center of the "Making a Murderer" documentary, authorities said Wednesday.

Robert Durst, New York Real Estate Heir, Pleads Guilty on Weapons Charge

By Janet McConnaughey | Feb 3
A New York real estate heir pleaded guilty in New Orleans on Wednesday to a weapons charge and agreed to an 85-month prison sentence, a move that could usher in his extradition to California to face murder charges.

Hearing Opens in Murder Case Profiled in 'Serial' Podcast

By Juliet Linderman | Feb 3
A defense lawyer's failure to call an alibi witness was a key point of contention as a convicted murderer returned to court Wednesday to argue he deserves a new trial in a case that gained fresh notoriety through the podcast "Serial."

Only in Florida: Man Arrested After Yelling About Penis Size, Exposing Himself

Feb 3
Florida police arrested a man last month after he allegedly screamed about the size of his penis and then exposed himself at a hospital.

Virginia Man in Same-Sex Custody Case Ordered to Prison

Feb 2
A Mennonite pastor convicted of helping a former Vermont woman flee the country rather than share custody of her child with her former same-sex partner has been ordered to prison.

Father Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Daughter With Knife After Coming Out

Feb 2
A Nashville, Tenn. father was arrested over the weekend for allegedly threatening his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend with a knife.

Are U.S. Lawyers Helping Launder Money?

Feb 2
"60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his report.

Va. Tech Students Charged in Death of 13-Year-Old Girl

Feb 2
Nicole Lovell's body was found Saturday near the Virginia-North Carolina border, more than 50 miles from her home and Virginia Tech's campus.

Azealia Banks Will Not Faces Charges for Alleged Security Guard Assault

Feb 1
Citing a lack of evidence, the L.A. City Attorney rejected a case involving rapper Azealia Banks, who was accused of allegedly assaulting a security guard in October, according to TMZ.

1 thru 10 of 1381 Stories