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Saturday Jan 7, 2012

Those with fond memories of television shows from the '70s and '80s -- specifically "Family" and "Empty Nest" -- remember Kristy McNichol. She won a pair of Emmys way back when for playing "Buddy" on the domestic drama "Family" -- she was even featured in an episode where she was involved with a lesbian teacher.

In the 1980s, McNichol was a promising Hollywood actress with roles in major motion pictures, such as "Little Darlings" and "Only When I Laugh," for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Yet McNichol's career was rife with issues involving drug use and her eventual diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.

McNichol, who retired from acting a decade ago, came out on January 6, 2012 to People Magazine.

According to People, "McNichol, 49, who has lived with her partner Martie Allen, also 49, for the past two decades, decided to make a statement about her sexuality and share this photo because she is 'approaching 50' and wants to 'be open about who I am.'"

She "is very sad about kids being bullied," her publicist Jeff Ballard told the magazine. "She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support. She would like to help others who feel different."

Done with acting, McNichol spends her time focusing on tennis, yoga, travel and raising her beloved miniature dachshunds. "She is very happy and healthy," says Ballard. "And she enjoys living a very private life."

According to her Wiki page: "In March 1999, McNichol was the subject of an edition of E! True Hollywood Story, in which she spoke candidly about her career, alleged drug problems, and her mental health problems. McNichol’s last public statement was in June 2001, when she said:

"A lot of people have wondered what I’ve been up to. I retired from my career after 24 years. My feeling was that it was time to play my biggest part - MYSELF! I must say that it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. So many fans are disappointed that I’m not currently acting, however some may not realize that the process I’m in at this time is necessary and vital for my personal happiness and well-being."


  • , 2012-01-08 11:00:35

    I’ve been out and have had a partner for 24 years and BiPolar what’s the big deal.

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