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First Gay Anglican Bishop Says God Leading Change

Oct 28
The first openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church told a Purdue University audience he believes God is leading people to a deeper understanding of homosexuality.

First Gay Anglican Bishop Reflects on Tenure in NH

By Lynne Tuohy | Dec 31
New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson says he chafed for several years at being branded the first openly gay bishop of the Anglican Church until he realized that he was wasting a pulpit from which he could advocate for equality.

Rowan Williams Admits Failings Over Church Split

By Cassandra Vinograd | Sep 10
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has admitted he didn’t do enough to prevent sharp divisions within the Anglican church over homosexuality.

Zimbabwe Orphanage Crisis in Wake of Church’s Gay Schism

By Gillian Gotora | Sep 21
Zimbabwe’s top Anglican bishop says an excommunicated church leader close to the country’s president has taken over an orphanage housing 80 children as part of a schism over gay marriage.

Episcopal Congregation Converting; Accepts Pope’s Invitation as Anglican Stress Over Gays Continues

By Rachel Zoll | Jun 7
A Maryland Episcopal parish will be the first in the United States to join the Roman Catholic Church under a new streamlined conversion process created by Pope Benedict XVI, leaders of both church groups said Monday.

More Canadian Anglican Clergy May Now Bless Same-Sex Nuptials

By Kilian Melloy | May 31
More Anglican parishes in Canada may now bless same-sex nuptials, although clergy may not actually perform wedding rites for gay and lesbian families who are entering into marriage.

LGBT People of Faith See Some Light

By Kilian Melloy | Mar 4
Anglican bishops on both sides of the issue of gay clergy have come together to discuss the issue, while a Presbyterian church trial has cleared a gay pastor who married his same-sex spouse in California in 2008.

Conservative Anglicans Reject Covenant

Dec 2
Conservative Anglican leaders have rejected a proposed covenant to hold their global communion together just as the Church of England gave preliminary approval to the plan.

Anglican Bishops Converting to Catholicism in Midst of Church’s Gay Crisis

Nov 8
Five Church of England bishops announced Monday they are converting to Catholicism following an invitation to disaffected Anglicans from Pope Benedict XVI - the highest-profile defectors among conservatives opposed to gay bishops and female clergy.

Anglican Head Okays (Celibate) Gay Bishops

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 28
The head of the Anglican church said that gay bishops are okay--as long as they refrain from sexual intimacy.

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