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Gun Industry Seeks to Ease Gov't Restrictions on Silencers

Gun Industry Seeks to Ease Gov't Restrictions on Silencers

By Lisa Marie Pane | Feb 16
They are the stuff of legend, wielded by hit men and by James Bond. For decades, buying a silencer for a firearm has been as difficult as buying a machine gun, requiring a background check that can take close to a year.

Despite Skepticism, Teen Continues Developing Smart Gun Technology

Despite Skepticism, Teen Continues Developing Smart Gun Technology

Jan 17
An MIT freshman says he's developed a smart gun that, in theory, could save lives. But the firearms industry hasn't embraced the idea.

Experts: Gun Research Hampered by Law

By Lisa Marie Pane | Oct 16
It's the kind of information you might expect from long-range government research. Yet for the most part, such government research doesn't exist.

Fenway Institute: Guns Pose Substantial Threat to LGBT Community

Oct 13
Today, The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health released a policy brief showing that gun violence poses a substantial threat to the health of the LGBT community.

CA Voters to Take on Guns, Pot

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 8
Two of the propositions that California voters will decide on in November address a couple of the most contentious issues in the country: Guns and marijuana.

Why It Matters: Guns

By Lisa Marie Pane | Oct 2
In a world that feels increasingly violent, whether at home or across the globe, America's cowboy culture and the Second Amendment are under the microscope. Voters are asking what will make them safer, more guns or fewer?

Utah Restaurant Staff to Stop Open-Carrying Guns

Aug 23
A Utah restaurant known for kilt-clad servers who openly carry firearms will have to keep them under wraps starting this week.

The Post-Orlando Gun Debate in the LGBT Community

By Jill Gleeson | Aug 20
A resurgence in membership has reactivated Pink Pistols chapters around the country. At the same time, a new anti-gun group has emerged. But the two may not necessarily be in complete opposition.

Feds: Plastic Gun from 3-D Printer Seized at Nevada Airport

By Scott Sonner and Ken Ritter | Aug 12
Airport screening agents confiscated a plastic handgun produced with a 3-D printer from a man's carry-on luggage last week at a Nevada airport.

Friend or Foe? Open-Carry Law Poses Challenge to Police

By Lisa Marie Pane | Jul 12
Gun-rights activists marched alongside hundreds of people who flocked to downtown Dallas last week to protest police shootings of blacks. Moments later, when a sniper gunned down officers, confusion arose: Were the people with weapons friend or foe?

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