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Pat McCrory Tried to Limit the Extent of HB 2, Emails Reveal

By John Riley | Oct 22
Despite his very public defense of North Carolina's anti-LGBT law, emails reveal that Gov. Pat McCrory worked behind the scenes to try and limit the more egregious parts of HB 2.

Trump, Ryan Increasingly at Odds Over Future of the GOP

By Julie Pace, Erica Werner, and Bill Barrow | Mar 29
Donald Trump wants to win the White House in the fall. Paul Ryan wants to save his vision of the Republican Party for years to come.

"Nothing Changes": The GOP's Gay Problem

By Rhuaridh Marr | Feb 22
It seems that LGBT people have been left with one choice if they want to protect and advance their rights: Vote Democrat.

Carson, Advisor Harsh on Military Equality

By John Riley | Jan 11
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and his new campaign chairman, who also serves as a top advisor on military and foreign affairs, have criticized what they call "social engineering" by the Obama administration.

Ryan: Short-Term Spending Bill Needed to Prevent Shutdown

By Andrew Taylor | Dec 9
The House will pass a short-term bill to prevent the government from shutting down this weekend, Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday.

GOP Response to Obama on ISIS Heavy on Criticism, Light on Alternatives

By Steve Peoples | Dec 8
the fundamental political reality: Few in the Republican Party's 2016 class would break significantly with the Democratic president's approach to combating the Islamic State group.

Trump's Republican Critics Pushing for GOP-Backed Takedown

By Steve Peoples | Oct 21
Don't expect Democrats to take down Donald Trump. If the GOP's baffled establishment wants to dismiss their party's billionaire presidential front-runner, it appears they'll have to do it themselves.

Gay Conservative Jimmy LaSalvia on Leaving the GOP (And Why You Should, Too!)

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 29
Jimmy LaSalvia cofounded GOProud, confounded CPAC, jumped the sinking Republican ship to go Independent, and now has written a revealing memoir. Meet the former insider whose simple message is this: The GOP is not your friend.

Indiana Gov. Set to Sign 'License to Discriminate' Bill

By Tom Davies | Mar 26
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is expected to sign into law Thursday a religious objections bill that some convention organizers and business leaders have opposed amid concern it could allow discrimination against gay people.

Alabama Bill Would Allow Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Same-Sex Couples

Mar 25
An Alabama lawmaker wants to make sure that faith-based adoption agencies can refuse to place children with same-sex couples.

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