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Creep of the Week: Linda Harvey, Defender of the Rainbow

By D'Anne Witkowski | Jul 22
This week's creep thinks rainbows should be rescued from those raping... raping!... gays.

Pamphlets in Amsterdam Call for Extermination of Gays; Group Responsible Identified

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 29
The leaflets included inaccurate facts about the gay community. One statistic claimed homosexuals were 50 percent more likely to have depression and their rate of suicide is over 200 percent.

'Kill Gays' American Pastor Denies Deportation from Botswana; Says He Left 'Voluntarily'

By John Riley | Sep 24
Following the lead of neighbor South Africa, the president of Botswana is turning away an anti-gay pastor who became infamous for celebrating the massacre at Orlando's Pulse nightclub in June.

GOP's Social, Fiscal Conservatives at Odds Over Gay Rights

By David A. Lieb | Apr 6
For a party already being torn apart by the presidential contest, anti-gay state legislative efforts have exposed deep rifts between the GOP's social conservatives and its pro-business wing.

Shamelist: Orgs Call on NCAA to Make Divestment

By Lainey Millen | Mar 26
A coalition of over 80 LGBT groups signed on to a letter issued publicly calling on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to divest from all religious-based institutions who have made Title IX requests to discriminate against LGBT youth.

Gay Men Detail Islamic State Anti-Gay Brutality in U.N. Testimony

By John Riley | Aug 30
Two gay men who fled their home countries after Islamic State militants seized control of their hometowns shared the gruesome details of anti-gay persecution and killings of men suspected of being homosexual.

Anti-Gay Sites Eating Up Gay Baker's Rant

By John Riley | Jul 25
Jesse Bartholomew's video rant is making the rounds on the Internet, particularly on conservative media.

Harris Seeks to Stop 'Shoot the Gays' Initiative

Mar 28
State Attorney General Kamala Harris on Wednesday said that she would go to court in an effort to stop a proposed ballot initiative that calls for gays to be killed.

Street Performer Drowns Out Anti-Gay Preacher With Cyndi Lauper Jam

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 12
A street performer from Australia, caused a stir in Sydney this week when he played Cyndi Lauper's hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Saturday to drown out the anti-gay rhetoric from a nearby open air preacher.

Former Westboro Member Zach Phelps Answers Reddit's Questions

By Sasha Razumikhin | Sep 27
Zach Phelps, who says he's left the Westboro Baptist Church, opened up to the Internet last month in a Reddit Ask Me Anything post, a forum on which commenters can, well, ask anything. Here's a sample of questions and answers.

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