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Discarded NYC Theater Prop Sparks Bomb Scare

Aug 3
A New York City playwright who directed a show called the "American Suicide Bomber Association" unwitting sparked a bomb scare when he threw a prop from the production into the trash at his home.

Wrongly Jailed for 21 Years, Bernard Baran Demands His Records Be Expunged

By Tony Hobday | Mar 19
Bernard Baran was 1984 when he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct of a child. After nearly 22 years in prison, he was finally released. He now demands that his records be expunged.

Parents Claim Fla. Teacher ’Turned Student Gay’

By Jason St. Amand | Nov 15
A Florida teacher is fighting her school district for the way it handled claims from parents that accused her that she played a part in her daughter’s sexual orientation.

NYer Charged with Perjury in Rabbi Sex Abuse Case

By Tom Hays | Apr 14
A man engaged in a $400,000 extortion plot against a Brooklyn rabbi’s wealthy family paid a fraudulent witness to falsely claim that the rabbi had molested the witness as a child, prosecutors alleged Wednesday.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories