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Low-Cost Housing for LGBT Seniors: A New Model Launches in Philly?

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 14
A low-cost housing program for LGBT seniors has started in Philadelphia. Early indications are that it's a huge success -- but the one site is far from enough to meet a growing need.

Affordable Housing For Gay Seniors Opens in Pa.

By Kathy Matheson | Jan 14
Experts say gay seniors are less likely than their straight peers to have the financial and family resources to age in homes of their own. Many fear discrimination at traditional elder housing facilities, leading them back into the closet.

Couples for Equality™ Launches Globally at Miami Beach Pride Festival

Apr 16
By presenting and sharing the love and commitment of couples throughout the world who have come together to show their support for all committed and loving relationships, Couples for Equality™ endeavors to create an atmosphere of love.

Mexico Gains As a Home for Gay U.S. Retirees

By Matthew E. Pilecki | Apr 11
Forget the drugs wars, say the increasing number of gay men retiring in Mexico. Instead, you’ll find courteous, gay-friendly people, low-low prices, beautiful weather, and a lifestyle only afforded to the very rich--and now, even a gay retirement home.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories