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Shhh, Your Washing Machine Might Overhear You

By Bree Fowler and Mae Anderson | Jan 7
Alexa, are you spying on me? It's a fair question in light of attempts by authorities investigating the slaying of an Arkansas man to obtain voice recordings collected by an Amazon Echo speaker and its Alexa digital assistant.

Yahoo Reportedly Scanned Emails for NSA, FBI

Oct 9
A surprising new report suggests Yahoo spied on its customers' email accounts for the government with a secret surveillance program.

Police Tracking Social Media During Protests Stirs Concerns

By Sadie Gurman | Oct 8
Increasingly common tools that allow police to conduct real-time social media surveillance during protests are drawing criticism from civil liberties advocates.

Comey: FBI Wants 'Adult Conversation' on Device Encryption

By Eric Tucker | Aug 31
Widespread encryption built into smartphones is "making more and more of the room that we are charged to investigate dark," FBI Director James Comey said in a cybersecurity symposium.

Activist Discovers iPhone Spyware, Sparking Security Update

By Raphael Satter, Jon Gambrell, and Daniella Cheslow | Aug 27
Hidden behind a link in a text message was a highly targeted form of spyware crafted to take advantage of three previously undisclosed weaknesses in Apple's mobile operating system.

Browse Free or Die? New Hampshire Library Is At Privacy Fore

By Lynne Tuohy | Jun 28
A small library in New Hampshire sits at the forefront of global efforts to promote privacy and fight government surveillance - to the consternation of law enforcement.

Twitter Bars Intelligence Agencies from Using Its Analytics Service

May 12
Twitter is banning U.S. intelligence agencies from using its analytics service, Dataminr.

FBI Continues to Debate Sharing iPhone Hack with Apple

By Tami Abdollah | Apr 10
The FBI has not decided whether to share with Apple Inc. details about how the bureau hacked into an iPhone linked to a California terrorism investigation, the bureau's director says.

DOJ Drops Apple Lawsuit After Bypassing Encryption

Mar 29
The FBI says it has unlocked the San Bernardino gunman's iPhone without help from Apple.

Essay: Will the First Amendment Survive the Information Age?

By Anders Gyllenhaal | Mar 15
How will the First Amendment navigate the dramatic changes in information technology?

1 thru 10 of 19 Stories