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Equality Ride Makes Way Around Country

By Gideon Grudo | Apr 6
Crystal Cheatham wasn’t pleased. The administrators at the Moody Bible Institute were hearing her, but she saw they weren’t listening, nor did they seem to care.

Equality Riders Visit Anti-LGBT Christian Colleges

By Megan Barnes | Mar 20
Seventeen Soulforce members began their two-month tour of anti-LGBT Christian colleges on March 4. They are scheduled to visit campuses in New Orleans, Oklahoma, Utah and other states before ending their ride in San Francisco on May 2.

Should We Be Defending Islam, Despite Its Homophobia?

By Joseph Erbentraut | Oct 5
It’s one of the most contentious issues facing LGBT Americans: Should we be coming to the defense of Islam and Muslims in the face of outright prejudice & hatred? Or is it self-hating to defend a religion that hates and oppresses us?

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories