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NYC to Allow Trans Citizens to Change Gender on Birth Certificates Without Surgery

By EDGE | Dec 8
The rights of transgender New Yorkers took a big step forward Monday when the New York City Council passed a bill allowing them to change the gender on their birth certificates without sex change surgery.

Panti-Monium: Where Pride Meets St. Patrick’s Day

By Alice Farrell | Mar 17
Drag performer Panti (aka Rory O’Neill) was the "Queen of Queens" marching with Mayor Bill deBlasio earlier this month at the "St. Patrick’s Parade for All" across the East River in Sunnyside, Queens.

Hell’s Kitchen High Rise Inferno Sparks Proposal Of New Safety Legislation

By EDGE | Jan 13
In response to the recent fire in a Manhattan high rise that killed a gay man and seriously injured his husband, newly elected City Council Member Corey Johnson proposed legislation today to mandate that communications systems be installed in stairwells.

DeBlasio Leading in NYC Mayoral Primary

By Jonathan Lemire | Sep 10
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio held a clear lead Tuesday night in New York City’s mayoral Democratic primary as polls closed, according to early and incomplete voting returns. It was unclear, though, whether he would top the 40 percent threshold needed to

Could Obama be Imprisoned for Pro-Gay ’Propaganda’?

By EDGE | Aug 6
In a letter to President Obama, nine gay elected officials from New York urge the commander and chief to cancel a planned trip to Russia to meet with with President Vladmir Putin.

Out-Lesbian Christine Quinn Enters NYC Mayoral Race

By Jennifer Peltz | Mar 10
If she wins, the president of New York’s City Council, whom some accuse of being too cozy with business interests, will immediately become one of the nation’s most prominent LGBT politicians.

Women on Top

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 18
Lesbians are heading nonprofits, winning high public office and getting national media. Here are some outstanding examples of those who have succeeded in a (straight) man’s world.

Married and at Home in New York State

One year ago, New York became the largest and most influential state where gay marriage is legal, raising supporters’ hopes that it would boost national momentum and pump money into the state with a flurry of weddings from Manhattan to Niagara Falls.

A New Proposition for Gays Tying the Knot

By Winnie McCroy | Apr 17
Seeing a need for wedding bands suited for gay couples, longtime New York couple Jonathan Tack and Sam Street founded Proposition Love, an online jewelry store championing marriage equality.

Will Christine Quinn Become NYC’s Next Mayor?

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 27
Speculation continues to swirl around whether lesbian New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is seeking to become Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s heir apparent. Her critics have wasted no time blasting her apparent efforts to seek his support.

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