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Brexit Costs UK Its Spot Among Top 5 Investment Destinations

FINANCE | By Pan Pylas | Oct 19
Britain has lost its place as one of the top five investment destinations in the wake of the country's decision to leave the European Union, according to a survey released Monday.

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Centennial As Its Foes Bristle

CORPORATE | By David Crary | Oct 18
Planned Parenthood's 100th anniversary celebrations this weekend come with a sense of relief for the group that traces its roots to a time when women could not vote and contraception was illegal.

'Economic Bubble'? Spain Nears 300 Days Without a Government

LEGAL | By Ciaran Giles | Oct 17
Spain is about to pass 300 days without a government. But guess what? Few Spaniards seem bothered by that as the country's economy roars ahead.

Wells Fargo's Earnings Fall As Bank Deals with Scandal

FINANCE | By Ken Sweet | Oct 17
Wells Fargo's earnings slipped in the third quarter, the bank said Friday, as the banking giant started dealing with the aftermath of a sales practices scandal that has consumed it in recent weeks.

Medicare Unveils Far-Reaching Overhaul of Doctors' Pay

FINANCE | By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 16
Medicare on Friday unveiled a far-reaching overhaul of how it compensates doctors and other clinicians. The goal is to reward quality, cost-effective care instead of just paying piecemeal for services.

U.S. Removes Limits on Bringing in Cuban Rum, Cigars

By Michael Weissenstein | Oct 16
The Obama administration announced Friday that it is eliminating a $100 limit on the value of Cuban rum and cigars that American travelers can bring back from the island.

Nearly Half of Young Adults Lack Retirement Savings, Pension

LEGAL | By Stan Choe | Oct 16
Young Americans with even just $1 saved for retirement are ahead of the pack: Forty-eight percent of all Americans aged 18 to 30 have zero in retirement savings and no access to a traditional pension.

Philly Cheesesteak Stand Owner Removes 'Speak English' Sign

A landmark Philly cheesesteak stand has removed a sign posted a decade ago that told customers to order only in English.

Samsung Note 7 Recall to Cost At Least $5.3 Billion

PERSONAL TECH | By Youkyung Lee | Oct 16
Samsung Electronics said Friday that the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 would cost the company about $3 billion during the current and next quarters, bringing the total cost of the recall to at least $5.3 billion.

NYT Says No Libel, No Retraction, No Apology for Trump Story

LEGAL | Oct 15
The New York Times rejected Donald Trump's claim the newspaper had libeled the Republican presidential nominee, saying its story about two women who said he sexually assaulted them was "newsworthy information about a subject of deep public concern."

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