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Trump Denials Notwithstanding, Intelligence Officials Point to Russia in Democratic Hacks

PERSONAL TECH | By Deb Reichmann | Oct 21
Actually, the U.S. government says it does have an idea, and has concluded it was Russia who hacked into the Democratic National Committee

Hacks, Email Leaks Could Sway Election Weeks Away

PERSONAL TECH | By Jack Gillum | Sep 7
Whether it's newly disclosed Democratic Party emails or someone tampering with voting machines, this year's presidential election could come with hacking intrigue like none before it.

Homeland Security Investigating Leslie Jones Website Hack

Department of Homeland Security investigators said Thursday they are investigating the hack of Leslie Jones' website that revealed several private details of the actress-comedian's life.

Zuckerberg Hacking Serves as Reminder to Change Passwords

PERSONAL TECH | By Bree Fowler | Jun 8
Mark Zuckerberg's rarely used Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts were briefly compromised on Sunday, serving as a reminder that everyone is susceptible to hacking.

Hackers Broke into Hospitals Despite Software Flaw Warnings

PERSONAL TECH | By Tami Abdollah | Apr 8
The hackers who seriously disrupted operations at a large hospital chain recently and held some data hostage broke into a computer server left vulnerable despite urgent public warnings since at least 2007.

South America Hacker Team Targets Dissidents, Journalists

PERSONAL TECH | By Frank Bajak | Dec 13
A shadowy cyber-espionage group that sent malware to the prosecutor whose mysterious death transfixed Argentina early this year has been hitting targets in left-leaning nations across South America.

Homeland Official Asks Black Hat Crowd to Build Trust

LEGAL | By Bree Fowler | Aug 10
A top Obama administration official says the government and the data security community need to focus on building trust so information about cyber threats can be shared between them for the greater good.

Hackers Threaten to Leak Nudes of Emma Watson

CRIME | By Winnie McCroy | Sep 23
Hackers have threatened to leak nude photos of young actress (and world treasure) Emma Watson for daring to speak up for women's rights.

Hacker Takes Over Popular Factoid Twitter, Sends Anti-Gay Tweets

PERSONAL TECH | By Jason St. Amand | May 22
The hugely popular factoid Twitter account UberFacts was hacked Wednesday evening and the person behind the cyber attack sent out a series of strange, racist and anti-gay tweets, including a White House petition to "deport the gays."

Fear Hackers? Sochi is Little Worse than Elsewhere

INTERNATIONAL | By Raphael Satter | Feb 7
How safe is Sochi for your electronics and personal data?

1 thru 10 of 21 Stories