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Tapping Into a New Aviation Era With TAP Air Portugal

By Matthew Wexler | Jan 26
TAP Air Portugal has been rolling back the clock to celebrate the airline's forthcoming new fleet - 53 new planes, which include the much-anticipated Airbus A330neo featuring Airspace by Airbus cabin.

Lisbon: Fado, Sardines and the Age of Exploration

By Beth J. Harpaz | Apr 19
A personal journey through one of Portugal's most captivating cities.

Porto: Wine, Hills and Sunsets in Portugal's 2nd City

By Albert Stumm | Apr 18
In Portugal's second city, everything cool seems to be right around the corner, or more likely, just up a hill.

Now Is The Time To Visit Gay Lisbon

By Tony Adams | Feb 21
Lisbon's gay personality is young, festive and growing rapidly. Nnow is the right time to book your gay Lisbon vacation. Here are a dozen tips to guide you.

Portuguese Police Detain Ex-Premier in Fraud Case

By Barry Hatton | Nov 22
Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has been detained by police as part of an investigation into corruption, money-laundering and tax fraud, Portugal's Attorney-General's office said Saturday.

Sampling Port in Portugal

By Giovanna Dell'Orto | Sep 29
These mountain-hugging terraced vineyards produce one of the most recognizable wines in the world and the most visible export of this economically struggling country: Port.

Queer Rapper Mykki Blanco Arrested in Portugal

By Jason St. Amand | May 22
Queer gender-bending rapper Mykki Blanco was arrested in Portugal earlier this week after an altercation with a police officer who allegedly used an anti-gay slur towards the artist.

Portugal’s Gay Adoption Rights Placed in Doubt

Jan 17
Portugal’s limited adoption rights for same-sex couples are in doubt after Parliament voted for a referendum on the divisive issue.

Portugal Expands Adoption Rights for Gay Couples

May 17
Portugal’s Parliament has passed a law allowing same-sex married couples to adopt their partners’ children, but lawmakers rejected legislation granting gay couples the same adoption rights as heterosexuals.

Portuguese Model Convicted of Bizarre Castration-Murder in NYC Hotel Room

By Colleen Long | Dec 2
A New York City jury found a Portuguese model guilty of murder for the bizarre castration killing in an upscale hotel room of a Portuguese TV personality who had taken him under his wing.

1 thru 10 of 25 Stories