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Having Stomach Troubles? Try Swallowing An Origami Robot

By Matt O'Brien | Jul 23
Has your child swallowed a small battery? In the future, a tiny robot made from pig gut could capture it and expel it.

SpaceX Launches Space Station Docking Port for NASA

By Marcia Dunn | Jul 20
SpaceX successfully launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts early Monday, along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research.

Curing Florida's Algae Crisis Will Take Time, Money, Science

By Terry Spencer | Jul 20
The enormous algae outbreak that has coated swaths of Florida's St. Lucie River with guacamole-like sludge is a man-made affliction, arising from political and economic decisions made over the past 140 years.

Organ Transplants Have Come A Long Way but Hurdles Remain

By Lauran Neergaard | Jul 12
Brenda Hudson recalls weeks spent in a glass-enclosed isolation room after her first kidney transplant, her family allowed to visit only when suited up against germs.

Welcome to Jupiter: NASA Spacecraft Reaches Giant Planet

By Alicia Chang | Jul 5
Braving intense radiation, a NASA spacecraft reached Jupiter on Monday after a five-year voyage to begin exploring the king of the planets.

Monae Says Film On Black Women At NASA Key Part Of History

By Chevel Johnson | Jul 2
Janelle Monae says she's honored to be part of an upcoming film that tells the little known-story of three black women who were crucial part of NASA's history, including one who helped John Glenn become the first American to orbit earth.

Fatal Tesla Crash Shows Limits Of Self-Driving Technology

By Dee-Ann Durbin | Jul 2
The U.S. government is investigating the first reported death of a driver whose car was in self-driving mode when he crashed. The crash raises questions about autonomous and semi-autonomous cars, their capabilities and their limits.

Death Sparks 'Autopilot' Car Probe; Man Had Speeding Tickets

By Joan Lowy and John Seewer | Jul 2
The first American death involving a car in self-driving mode presents a dilemma: How aggressively to embrace the potentially life-saving technology after a fatal crash. The driver's history of speeding further complicates the question.

Developers of Fortified Food Staple Awarded World Food Prize

By David Pitt | Jul 2
Four scientists credited with creating food that's fortified with essential nutrients and vitamins and has helped an estimated 10 million people avoid starvation and disease were awarded this year's World Food Prize on Tuesday.

Salk Scientists Say Marijuana May Prevent Alzheimer's From Forming

Jul 1
Salk Institute scientists have found preliminary evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cellular removal of amyloid beta, a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.

How Do You Teach Human Interaction To A Robot? Lots Of TV

By William J. Kole | Jun 26
Remember the Jetsons' robot maid, Rosie? Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers think her future real-life incarnations can learn a thing or two from Steve Carell and other sitcom stars.

Skeletons, Coins Found in Dig of Ancient Pompeii Shop

By Frances D'Emilio | Jun 26
Italian and French archaeologists have discovered four skeletons and gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop on the outskirts of Pompeii, officials said Friday.

Scientists Battle to Save World's Coral Reefs

By Caleb Jones | Jun 21
After the most powerful El Nino on record heated the world's oceans to never-before-seen levels, huge swaths of once vibrant coral reefs that were teeming with life are now stark white ghost towns disintegrating into the sea.

Experimental Zika Vaccine to Begin Human Testing

By Matthew Perrone | Jun 20
An experimental vaccine for the Zika virus is due to begin human testing in coming weeks, after getting the green light from U.S. health officials.

NASA Spacecraft Barreling Toward Jupiter for July 4 Meetup

By Alicia Chang | Jun 19
A NASA spacecraft is bound for a Fourth of July encounter with Jupiter in the latest quest to study how the largest planet in the solar system formed and evolved.

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