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Fresh breath... and clean rivers!

by Jason Salzenstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 2, 2008

Unless you've got some sick fetish, you want fresh breath. And if you're an EDGE reader, I'm hoping that you're also concerned about the environment and our (not-so-great) impact on it.

As a longtime Toms of Maine user and an educated consumer, I've always felt good about using their toothpaste because I know that as a company they care about their impact on the environment, the use of natural ingredients, and other progressive practices. Recently I learned about one of their new programs, which was like the icing on the cake: rivers and drinking water.

It might sound trivial, and granted rivers aren't as 'sexy' as some other causes du jour, but given that about 50% of the drinking water in the US comes from rivers, it's clear that the need for clean water is of utmost importance; it impacts the lives of millions of Americans every day.

Perhaps you're a super-environmentalist and spend part of every weekend cleaning up and helping to take care of rivers around your home. More likely however, you simply turn on the facet every day, expecting a cold glass of clean water (and hopefully dispose of chemical and household toxic waste properly to keep it out of the water system).

Luckily, there are super environmentalists out there, doing their part not only for themselves, but for everyone else as well. (And as a snarky side-note, I'm willing to bet that very few of them have the surname of Bush, Cheney, or anyone else in the current administration...) So what does Tom's of Maine have to do with this? Simple.

Tom's of Maine has partnered with American Rivers and River Network to support and honor people who take an active role in their communities. As part of their Rivers Awareness Partnership, the company is recognizing "river heroes" who "help improve water quality and inspire others to become involved."

To salute these local citizens, Tom's of Maine has launched a River Stories' Video Contest, inviting people to share their stories of river preservation projects online as a way to bring attention to local efforts- and opportunities for volunteers.

Of course the best result of posting, sharing, and/or watching these videos is the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get from knowing you're helping make a positive impact on rivers in your community. As an added bonus however, Tom's of Maine is offering one grand prizewinner a 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid. Yes please!

The contest runs through October 31st, and entering is easy. Basically you just have to make a video of what you're doing, post it to YouTube, then submit it for the contest. Just think- this time next month, you could be driving a new (eco-friendly) car!

For complete info on how to enter and all the details go to

(And don't forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day!)

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