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Monday May 13, 2013

Did you know that May is National Moving Month? Many of you will be rolling out the bubble wrap and swearing up a storm as you pack your Beyoncé box sets and discard those bootcut jeans from the 90s. Filled with packing supplies, unexpected expenses and boxes galore, moving is normally a hectic and stressful time. reveals some interesting facts and moving etiquette to help you plan your move:

Generally Generous
Nearly 3 out of 4 people (71%) tip their movers!

Tipping Tiers
While it seems like people are pro-tip when it comes to rewarding movers for their heavy lifting, there seems to be a lot of opinions on just how much to give.

  • About 40 percent (39%) said they tip 10 percent of the moving cost
  • Almost 1 out of 4 (22%) are a bit more generous, tipping 20 percent of the cost of moving!
  • 17 percent of respondents prefer a flat hourly tip for the movers
  • Another quarter of respondents (23%) said they tip a flat per-person rate for each mover.

    Really Refreshing
    When it comes to offering movers some refreshments as they help you transport that enormous couch or oak dresser, almost 90 percent (88%) of people offer their movers some type of refreshment. In fact, almost 10 percent (8%) offer movers a meal!

    A Helping Hand
    People overwhelmingly (80%) responded that they would be happy to lend movers a helping hand if they could. Only 20 percent mentioned they would defer to the professionals, since, well, that's why they hired them!

    Top 10 Cities with Most Closet Space

    If you’re moving this May, chances are you’re not randomly setting off into the sunset without a destination. But just in case you’re wondering which cities have the best closet and storage space, here are Apartment Guide’s top listings:

    1. Phoenix, Arizona
    2. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
    3. Kansas City-Lawrence, Missouri
    4. Omaha-Lincoln, Nebraska
    5. Houston, Texas
    6. Atlanta, Georgia
    7. Salt Lake City, Utah
    8. Denver-Boulder, Colorado
    9. Sacramento, California
    10. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Tips for Keeping Out the Clutter

    Shelf Life, Literally!
    If you haven’t worn that piece of clothing in a full calendar year, chances are that you won’t! Give away the clothing you haven’t worn so you can clear out space for those pieces that you do

    Mix It Up
    Don’t be afraid to rethink your entire closet/storage space layout. It may seem overwhelming starting from square one, but oftentimes a full reorganization and layout upheaval can yield big results, and you may find space where you least expect it.

    Seasonal Selections
    Not everyone switches out their closets seasonally, but if you’re hard up for storage, you absolutely should. Summer is almost here, so pack away those burly coats and free up space to display your summer wardrobe.

    Let there Be Light
    It’s tempting to fit as much as possible in any closet or storage compartment, but that is usually what makes a space look more cluttered - no light. So, keep your clothing stacks to a reasonable height and reevaluate the items you choose to keep.

    Compartmentalize and Consolidate
    Helpful de-cluttering aids like shoe racks, belt hangers and scarf bins are the perfect way to keep organized and clean - it’s also a great system to ensure you know what you have. With proper shelving and hanging aids, you can consolidate your closet/storage items, and keep it looking tidy in the meantime.


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