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Sardinia, Part II: Rocking Around the Island

Saturday Aug 29, 2015
More advanced in fashion than their Mediterranean contemporaries, ancient Nuraghic men sported trousers, jackets with sleeves and hoodies, gloves, handbags, and berets.

Sardinia, Part I: A Treasure Chest of Ancient History

Monday Aug 24, 2015
Inhabited since the Stone Age, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, deriving its name from Sardus - a son of the mythical Hercules. Want to know more? Read on...

Le Langhe: An Inebriating Itinerary

Sunday Aug 16, 2015
Nestled between the provinces of Cuneo and Alba at the foot of the Italian Alps lie the rolling hills of Le Langhe. Wine... truffles... come check it out!

RIFRA: How Kitchens & Bathrooms Relate

Sunday Aug 9, 2015
"The history of RIFRA intersects with the main events of the twentieth century." So says the grandson of the man who founded a company that's synonymous with home elegance.

Ravenna: The City of Mosaics

Saturday Aug 1, 2015
While everyone has heard of Rome, few know of Ravenna, the petite jewel on the Italic peninsula that emerged as capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402.

Leitmotiv: Two Men. Two Tastes.

Sunday Jul 26, 2015
Born in Milan, Fabio studied Art at the University of Bologna; Juan grew up in Bogotá, transferring to Bologna to pursue studies in Visual Arts. In 2006, their imagination for the mythical and surreal detonated into a new brand: Leitmotiv.

Party With a King: Parmigiano Reggiano

Sunday Jul 19, 2015
The last monarch of Italy passed away in 1983, but for the past 900 years another king has been ruling in the kitchens of almost every household on the Italian peninsula-Parmigiano Reggiano.

Tiziano Zorzan: A Visionary with Style

Saturday Jul 18, 2015
Entrepreneur and designer Tiziano Zorzan founded his eponymous label just two years ago. He's rapidly growing into a New York sensation and outgrowing his current location.

Ischia: The Emerald Island

Sunday Jul 12, 2015
When heading south, road trekkers in Italy typically set their itineraries for Amalfi, Sorrento, and Pompeii. But fewer have set their sails for the island of Ischia, a short boat ride from Naples. Let us tell you about it!

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