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'Sister Wives' Daughter Has Come Out as Lesbian

By Tucker Berardi | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
The Browns - the starring polygamist family of the show 'Sister Wives' - were in for a surprise when their daughter came out of the closet on last week's episode.

Judge Orders Seattle Man To Work With AIDS Patients

By John McDonald | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
A federal judge ordered a Seattle man to work with AIDS patients and the poor for his role in threatening a former congressman.

Poverty A Harsh Reality For LGBT Seniors

By John McDonald | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
"The desperate cries for financial assistance and low-income LGBT housing generally fall on deaf ears and I fear this means that today's LGBT seniors will die off before ground is broken for their new home."

Longtime Gay Activist Cleve Jones Pens Memoir

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
If you're familiar with San Francisco's Castro District, you're likely familiar with Cleve Jones, an activist and HIV survivor who's been part of the community since the 1970s.

Former Professional Soccer Player Comes Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Adam McCabe, ex-professional soccer player, has revealed he is gay in a story shared with Meanwhiler. His goal was to help out people who are looking for advice, experience and guidance.

Gay Anime Convention Sweeps Miami Off Its Feet Saturday

By Brittany Ferrendi | Thursday Jan 12, 2017
Okama Con, one of South Florida's only LGBT anime conventions, will hit the Miami Airport Convention Center on Saturday, Jan. 14.

Milo Yiannopolous Book Deal Condemned By Lambda Literary

By Tucker Berardi | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
Lambda Literary has just issued a proposed boycott of the forthcoming book "Dangerous" by the notoriously controversial Milo Yiannopolous.

Trump Books Anti-LGBT Clergy for Inauguration

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
The roster includes a reverend that accused Marvel's X-Men of making kids gay and an archbishop that claimed gay marriage will turn people Asian, among others.

In Park Service's Centennial, Gay Ranger Finds His Story

By John McDonald | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
The Park Service's designation of Stonewall Inn as a National Monument was part of an overall effort to broaden the nation's narrative. Incorporating stories from America's minority communities adds to the country's rich history.

Mic Launches Database to Track Anti Trans Violence

By Jillian Melero | Saturday Jan 7, 2017
Mic media has launched a new site, a database, interactive feature, and news feed examining the reported cases of violence against transgender people in the U.S. beginning in 2010.

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