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Support Groups Provide Community for LGBTQ Young Individuals and Allies

By Lainey Millen | Sunday Apr 16, 2017
The Carolinas, as well as the U.S., are filled with scores of LGBTQ-focused support and family groups to provide a shoulder or welcoming arms for those in the community who seek the solace of safety. Here's a list.

Essays by Young LGBTQ Writers

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Apr 16, 2017
The finalists for qnotes' Youth Essay Contest reveal just this; these writers are individuals whose struggles all can relate to, and whose triumphs we all applaud.

Youth of the LGBTQ Community Lead by Example

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Apr 16, 2017
While it's true that queer young people are vulnerable - with higher rates of bullying and suicide - what is not often acknowledged is the incredible strength that LGBTQ young people have.

TOY Receives Gift from Baptist Church

By Lainey Millen | Saturday Apr 15, 2017
Myers Park Baptist Church, 1900 Queens Rd., has gifted $100,000 to Time Out Youth Center. The funds will be used to support the center's new facility up-fitting and renovation, as well as in building a shelter for 10-12 homeless youths.

Minister Receives PFLAG Award

By Lainey Millen | Saturday Apr 15, 2017
Concord/Kannapolis Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has announced that Rev. Nathan King has received its 2017 Concord-Kannapolis PFLAG Advocacy Award.

Will the LGBTQ Community Fight for Its Immigrant Family?

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Apr 15, 2017
Within a presidential administration that promises persecution - and prosecution - of immigrants, those in the LGBTQ community who fight for immigrants' rights have an uphill battle ahead.

Leading Ladies: Influential Women in the LGBTQ Community

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Apr 1, 2017
As January's Women's Marches showed, there are countless strong and influential women ready to effect change in the world.

S.C. Judge Rules Lesbian Couple Had Common Law Marriage for Decades

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Apr 1, 2017
After the end of a relationship that lasted almost 40 years, Debra Parks, 62, sued to have her rights recognized by the court. According to Family Court Judge Thomas White, Parks had a common law marriage with her partner.

Lesbian Couple Rallies After Serious Illness

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Mar 26, 2017
It's a rare relationship that can last for 35 years, let alone remain strong and supportive through the trials of health crises. That's just what Susan Miller, 58, and Cyteria Knight, 60, have: A love that flourishes no matter what fate flings their way.

LGBTQ Archives in Two Cities Ensure That History Lives On

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Mar 26, 2017
History has been made for the LGBTQ community over the past several decades, but preserving that history is as important as the events themselves.

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