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Healthy Weight Loss :: Take It Off, Take It All Off!

By Tom Bonanti | Saturday Jan 21, 2017
Truthfully, healthy weight loss requires planning, hard work and patience. Here are some solid weight loss suggestions which will help you foster better eating habits, build lean muscle, and maintain a healthy weight all year long!

South Florida Queens are Ready for Fierce Competition

By Scott Holland | Saturday Jan 21, 2017
A New Year means it's the start of a new pageant season. Starting later this month and going through the end of March there are 4 pageants here in South Florida that we wanted to tell you about. Please support the arts!

Queens We Love :: Shantell D' Marco, 2016 Miss Florida F.I.

By Scott Holland | Saturday Jan 21, 2017
I will never forget the very first time I saw Shantell D'Marco in a pageant. Needless to say, the crowd went crazy and she gave us that beautiful smile she has become famous for.

Home Security Tips: 5 Social Media Do's and Don'ts

By Justine Lavelle | Thursday Jan 19, 2017
Are you in the process of planning your winter getaway? People can't wait to share their travel destinations and photos with their friends on social media. However, this is a critical time to step away from social media to protect your family and home.

What's HOT South Florida :: Jan. 19 - 24

By Scott Holland | Thursday Jan 19, 2017
the new years just keeps getting hotter! If you need the debts, they're right... over... here!

Hot Beats :: From Radio to the Club, A Fresh Take on What We Are Hearing Right Now!

By Ryan Edwards | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Look, I'm 36 years old, so today's pop music just doesn't cut it with me. I'm at the age when Sexy Otter meets Bitter B!tch. In my day, the Chainsmokers were my friends and me at 5 a.m. walking from the Coliseum to the Copa.

Shoulders Like Boulders

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Strong, well developed deltoids will give your upper body that extra flair -- plus, the stronger these muscle are, the more your deep rotator cuff muscles will be protected from injury.

Queens We Love :: Alyson Thomas

By Scott Thomas | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
From the moment I first met Alyson Thomas, too many years ago to mention, I took a liking to her. My hope is that you will love "Momma Bear" (her nickname) as much as I do!

Gay 8 Festival Returns to Little Havana

By Ian Maloney | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Whether you are a long time resident of South Florida who hasn't had much of a reason to check out Little Havana in some time or an out of town snowbird, check out Gay8.

The Rainbow 5K :: Pride Center Commits to Healthy Living in the New Year!

Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Lace up your brightest jogging shoes and slip on your splashiest running shorts! You can soon dress in your favorite color of the rainbow and join The Pride Center's SECOND ANNUAL 5K fundraiser.

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