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Tuesday May 25, 2010

EDGE recently caught up with Jonny Ransom Video's Sage Daniels about his passion for porn, his career so far and his most embarrassing experience at a film shoot.

EDGE: Show off a bit tell us a bit about your career...

Sage Daniels: I've been involved in the porn industry since March 2007. In that time, I've done 21 videos currently on the market, acting in 41 scenes. Early in my career I was an exclusive for Spunk Video. Since ending my contract with Spunk Video, I have worked as a freelance performer and have enjoyed performing for Ransom Video, Slut Machine, Red Stag, Factory, Factory Extreme, ThreshHold Media and Bone Daddy. My Web work has seen me working with,,,, and Though my reputation as a porn star is within the Bare Back realm, I've worked for a number of larger companies within the industry as well such as Hot House, Raging Stallion and recently released UGF (Ultimate Gay Fighter).

EDGE: Wow. You are something of a workaholic. Tell us about your passion for doing porn?

Sage Daniels: Porn has allowed me to entertain. I love entertaining others -- acting, dancing, solos. Though it's work, it's fun. With entertaining comes traveling and meeting new people. With my work in the industry, I've met some amazing people; directors, producers, other actors and especially fans which has fueled my love for what I do. There is nothing greater than attending a movie release party and interacting with the fans. Their energy and enthusiasm to meet me and know more about me keeps me doing what I do, which is a major reason why I am working on; I want a way to give back and stay in contact with my fans.

EDGE: Why is porn important for the GLBT community?

Sage Daniels: Porn in the gay community has allowed men to explore fantasies and desires while exploring their own sexuality. For me, coming out in a small country town gave me a way to find out what I liked. I used to steal gay porn just to understand and see two men have sex. I knew I was gay but didn't know how to make sense of those feelings. Porn allowed me to become more confident with my sexuality. For many young men coming out, porn is their initial eye-opener to the GLBT community.

Why bareback?

EDGE: You have appeared in scenes where condoms are used and others where they are not. Why did you make the choice to bareback?

Sage Daniels: To be honest I didn’t choose bareback, bareback choose me. I know that sounds kind of odd. One night at club named "Sound" in Salt Lake City they had a company that brought in a few porn stars to dance. As the night progressed I introduced myself to the person that was there and told him I would love to become a model for them. His response was a brush off more or less, handing me his card. He didn’t seem thrilled, so I never responded out of fear of rejection. The next two years went by pretty uneventful, then one day I got an email from Jonny Ransom back when he was at Spunk Video asking if I would come to San Francisco to do a solo for them as a test shoot to see if I if would work on film. I told them that I had been doing solos lately and gave them the website address to check it out and from what they saw there, they emailed me back letting me know they wanted to bring me out to San Francisco and start shooting. Since my start in bareback porn, I have tried out for a few companies that are condom only studios and the response I get is, "Wow, that was Hot...We will call you." then I don’t hear back from them. For whatever reason, they decided not to use me. So to answer your question bareback porn choose me and the reason why I work with these companies is that they’re the ones that gave me my first chance, they really promote me and my career and they continue to consistently work with me.

EDGE: Are the risks over blown?

Sage Daniels: No they’re not, but in every job there is some risk that we all take. It’s ultimately my decision as to whom I fuck or not. The bareback companies I do work for inform me about my scene partners beforehand and after the fact if something is up. I find out more information about the guy I work with than I would hooking up on a site or walking into a steam room and letting someone fuck me or give me a blow job. I’m enjoying my career, and if that career lasts until only two months from now or well into my 50s, I prefer to work for different companies with different perspectives on fantasy -- condom or bareback. I have a feeling that there are some fans out there that would like to see me do more condom work and others would love to see more bareback. I won’t deny any of the men out there that.

EDGE: What is the longest shoot you have ever did and how many times did you have to "shoot" on that shoot?

Sage Daniels: The longest shoot I’ve ever done was in September of 2008 for Spunk Video. The film was Bareback Abduction 2: The Conversion of Chase Peters and I remember it like it was yesterday. Myself, along with Jacob Slader, Lito Cruz, Joey Russo, Devlin Michaels, Andre Barclay, Aztec, Chris Leaper, Scott Samuels and Chase Peters all got to set around 10am. It was a hot progressive gang-bang that started with abducting Bible-thumping Chase Peters from a Westboro Baptist Church protest and offering him up to Mob leader Jacob Slader which lead to a full on pounding of Chase. We filled every hole Chase had to offer and he took it like a champ. We didn’t get out of the shoot until 4pm that afternoon. During that shoot, I came three times.

I have a shoot coming up in June for which may beat out my scene in Bareback Abduction 2. I am shooting another gang-bang which has me as the bottom. The shoot is planned in Vegas and from what I’ve heard so far, there could be as many as 10 guys including myself for a 6-hour shoot.

EDGE: Do you have a good embarrassing story about what happened on the set?

Sage Daniels: I was filming Butt Bangin’ Bareback Boys early this year with hot, Twinkie bottom Adian Storm. Our chemistry was great, so great that while I was inside him, I came a little too early and still had the whole shoot to shoot. So I did like any pro would, I kept going, hoping to deliver and cum through on my part and most importantly, I never said a word; well, until now. Honestly, I don’t think Adian realized what happened, if he did, he didn’t say anything. Sorry Adian but thanks, the scene was hot in more ways than one.

EDGE: Porn Stars are often looked up to as role models in the LGBT community, tell us something about you that maybe we don’t know that the community will be proud of.

Sage Daniels: I am very supportive of my friends. Whenever my friends need a helping hand or supportive shoulder to lean on, I’m there for them. I have gone numerous times with friends for testing when they needed someone to support them. When some have come out being HIV Positive, I am the first to offer myself; countless nights holding them, hours on the phone just so that they know there is someone here for them. My friends are my life. Since being in San Francisco, I am constantly offering my time for charity events.

EDGE: What is a typical day look like for porn star?

Sage Daniels: I wake-up, answer emails, plan out my day, go to the gym, train, go to work then head home. My days aren’t that exciting. I’m just like every other guy out there. To some others, I probably seem boring as hell most of the time. Because I’m such a workaholic, my focus is mostly on improving my film career and always working on my body. I want to get bigger and if I don’t keep at it, I’ll lose focus.

EDGE: What do you think of the upcoming Mr. International Leather Market having the sell of barebacking videos at their event over Memorial day?

Sage Daniels: Well that is hard for me to say, I haven’t been to IML ever, so I really don’t know. For one it is their right to ban it because it is their event. On the other hand I think the Gay Community needs to stick together despite their differences of opinion on things. If people want to have bareback porn, they will find it one way or another.

Sage Daniels appears at Lookout along with Joey Russo, his co-star in Ransom Studio’s recent release Lock n’ Load, on Friday, May 21, 2010, for The Porn Party, beginning at 9pm. Lookout is located at 3600 16th St
San Francisco, CA. For more information visit the Lookout website.


  • , 2010-05-21 11:36:16

    Young people, ages 13-29 account for 34% of all new infections, the largest share of any age group. Most young people are infected sexually. I am disgusted that Edge San Francisco would promote a Bareback performer and unleash another proven life endangering activity like un protected sex. Sage Daniels deserves no publicity--he’s exactly what’s wrong with ignorant America today.

  • , 2010-05-24 17:12:43

    Jason Villalobos, I think your fascist sexual fascist views are disgusting and I think that’s what’s wrong with America today. Just because everyone else isn’t like you, doesn’t mean you need to demonize them. You are one opinion, not THE opinion. So get off your high horse and take your alarmist condom fascist attitude back to 1982 where it belongs. You sir are perpetuating HIV infection far more than bareback porn with your promotion of fear and Stigmas. You are ignorant and have a small minded, one sided viewpoint. Crystal Meth usage is a far more life endangering activity in our community. So go take you UB2 attitude and go F*CK yourself, obviously he safest form of sex!

  • , 2010-05-25 17:01:17

    Oooh a little anger management here. Let’s stamp up and down and throw the pacifier out the pram. Jason is entitled to his opinion without being abused... howevre vaild your views are Anon, you come across sounding like a vile little child, Nasty!

  • , 2010-05-26 14:35:00

    Pardon me for my anger at this issue, however it irks me immensely to have someone, especially another gay man judging how some gay people have sex. Let’s reserve that for the Religious Right in this country. Jason has his opinion and is entitled to it, but let’s ask him if the same applies for my opinion.....I highly doubt he feels that way too. Most people that spout his viewpoint, most of the time are acting as the political mouth piece of the condom porn industry, who when you boil it down, only care about dropping sales and could give a shit about new HIV infections in young people. Say what you mean and don’t hide behind a supposed socially responsible mask when regurgitating opinions of others.

  • , 2010-06-08 15:38:58

    I watch hollywood movies on a regular basis. Often in these movie there are sex scene’s, I don’t ever recall seeing condoms used or even suggested. Porn is fantasy, nothing more. For instance, do you watch a (Hollywood) movie and then feel like you have the magic powers possessed on film? I am not saying that use of condoms should not be taught. But with the fine line between fantasy and reality that porn crosses people should be a little more intelligent about their real life decisions. Once again, porn is fantasy, not reality. We all fantasize about being able to not care and just get down to business, most people that are educated take the time to make the right choice for themselves.

  • , 2011-03-09 22:29:18

    It seems a bit odd for me to read someone that is bitching about a porn star doing bareback movies, or condemning the bareback industry. It’s just like television...if you don’t like it or approve of it, don’t watch it.

  • , 2011-05-24 05:15:44

    sage daniels can do no wrong.

  • , 2012-11-11 02:24:21

    jason villalobos.....HOT HOT HOT

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