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Pa. Man Accused of Raping Women Says He's Gay, Innocent

Sep 28
A Pennsylvania man awaiting trial on charges he raped two elderly women tells reporters he's "an innocent gay guy."

Rapper Gets 15-Year Sentence in Child Porn, Music Video Case

Sep 28
An Ohio rapper who federal authorities say recorded sexually explicit footage of teen girls and edited the footage into music videos has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Suspects, Victims in California Killings Were 'Furries'

By Amy Taxin | Sep 27
Two men arrested in the killings of a California couple were friends with the victims' teenage daughter and attended "furry" events where some participants dress up in colorful animal costumes, according to friends and their social media pages.

UK YouTuber Accused of Lying About Anti-Gay Attack Sticks to His Story

Sep 27
A popular gay YouTuber from the U.K. who is accused of lying to police appeared in a California court Monday and pled not guilty to filing a false police report.

At Folsom Fair, 2 Men Attacked With Pepper Spray in Possible Hate Crime

Sep 27
Two friends visiting the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco said they were attacked by five assailants, who pepper sprayed the men, Saturday night in what could be a hate crime.

San Francisco Police Probe Possible Hate Crime Against 2 Men

Sep 26
San Francisco police said they are investigating a possible hate crime after a group of assailants pepper-sprayed two men and yelled homophobic slurs.

Public Penis Measuring Lands Man in Iowa's Johnson County Jail

Sep 22
In his defense, if you can't measure your johnson in Johnson County, where can you?

Lawsuit: Transgender Inmate Raped at New Orleans' New Jail

By Kevin McGill | Sep 22
A federal lawsuit says a transgender inmate was raped after being locked up with a male prisoner last year in the newly opened New Orleans jail.

While Waiting to Register As a Sex Offender, Man Does the Unthinkable

Sep 21
A Seattle man who was waiting to register as a sex offender did the unthinkable.

Man Accused of Pouring Acid in Lube Dispensers at Australian Gay Sex Club Appears in Court

Sep 20
A man who police allege attempted to pour hydrochloric acid into a lube dispenser at a gay sex club in Sydney, Australia appeared in court Tuesday.

1 thru 10 of 1694 Stories