D.C. Hotel, Under Pressure, Cancels ’Pig Sex’ Party

by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Jan 17, 2009

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, an organization (apparently run by one man, Peter LaBarbera) dedicated to fighting the "homosexual agenda," is claiming something it hasn't been able to do for some time: a victory over the gay menace. AFTAH has announced that the downtown Washington, D.C., hotel has cancelled a 'pig sex orgy' scheduled during Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, this weekend (Jan. 16).

"This is a great victory for truth, decency and public health!" LaBarbera wrote on his website. "Americans For Truth is vindicated (lies coming from the hotel had many people confused). A big 'Thanks' to each of you who called the Doubletree and its parent company, Hilton Hotels, urging them to not allow this unbelievably depraved and unhealthy homosexual event to occur in public conference rooms at the Doubletree, a luxurious hotel just blocks from the White House."

The contretemps began with the ultra-rightwing "news" site World Net Daily "breaking" the story that a private group of men--unaffiliated with MAL--was planning a private, invitation-only event at the Doubletree, which located at 1515 Rhode Island Avenue NW. The invite, which LaBarbera claimed was emailed to him by a plant in the gay world, told respondents to "go to the Second Floor, which is where all the Convention Rooms are."

Gay men may be familiar with private hotel parties taking place during such gatherings (whether they admit it not). These are usually spread through email and other private communication, and take place in private hotel suites. But World Net Daily and LaBarbera took the email to signify that somehow the "orgy" would take place in one of the hotel's meeting rooms.

LaBarbera said he had contacted the Doubletree's sales director, who confirmed the lease to a group with the name on the email. The employee also told him that he hadn't heard of any sex parties. He said such events could not be held in the hotel's conference rooms, because they are a "public space," LaBarbera said.

World Net Daily tied the sex party to the Obama inauguration, taking place nearly simultaneously. "Obama, during his campaign and since the election, repeatedly has affirmed his support for homosexual rights, and his aides have said that they expect him to announce he will lift the ban on open homosexuality in the U.S. military almost as soon as he is sworn into office," as per WND. The coupling of these events should give WND much to report in the future, such as the coincidence of New York's Black Party with Palm Sunday, or the Palm Springs White Party with Easter.

The sponsoring group may not have helped by nicknaming the party the "Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy" (see release, below).

Pam Spaulding, on her blog, broke the news that the private group sponsoring the party had to cancel it.

"As many of you know, extreme Christian groups have been pressuring Doubletree to cancel the 'Obama Inauguration Pig Sex Orgy,'" the organizers wrote, according to Spaulding. "For two days, the hotel stood firm while the accusations and falsehoods kept coming in. Just this morning, I told the management of Doubletree how impressed I was that they resisted the calls to shut us down. Unfortunately, the matter escalated to Doubletree Corporate, and the word has come down that they will not allow our event to go on as planned. To say that I am pissed would be an understatement. We have a right to privacy and sexual freedom. I appreciate the efforts of the Centaurs in helping us set this up and fight the cancellation."

EDGE has received no word on whether anyone has set up an alternative event anywhere else.

Steve Weinstein has been a regular correspondent for the International Herald Tribune, the Advocate, the Village Voice and Out. He has been covering the AIDS crisis since the early '80s, when he began his career. He is the author of "The Q Guide to Fire Island" (Alyson, 2007).


  • , 2009-01-18 11:45:41

    Whereas this is a disturbing story as regards the efficaciousness of a campaign by an anti-gay group, one wonders how the left wing homosexualists can remain silent about such gatherings as this and the repugnant "Up Your Alley" Fairs in San Francisco just as it is so busy trying to convince middle America that homosexuals are just like them in their desire for a normal middle American family life in the suburbs. They will fail in this endeavor as long as events such as the two I’ve mentioned, along with the sexual ecsesses of the assorted Pride Parades are not in some way condemned by those pushing the "gay marriage" agenda.

  • , 2009-01-18 18:12:10

    Anonymous, do you really think that middle American adults in the suburbs aren’t having oral or anal sex, swing parties, or orgies of their own? Please! Why do you think the orgy stories are so popular in publications like Hustler and Playboy? The truth is all human beings are sexual beings of some sort. On a scale ranging from asexual all the way to sexually addicted. All orientations participate in oral sex, anal sex, and other non-missionary positions. There is absolutely NO reason for gays to repudiate sexual "ecsesses"[sic] amongst their ranks as long as those "ecsesses"[sic] are happening between consenting adults and adhere to other public decency laws. If you were to study human sexuality across the entire spectrum, you would find that there are plenty of heterosexuals who indulge in the same "repugnant" (your word, not mine) sexual behavior as homosexuals. The difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals is not normalcy or types of sexual acts or anything of the sort. The difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals in this country is that one group is not considered equal under the law simply because they are different. That is injustice and injustice is the true repugnance.

  • , 2009-01-18 18:39:44

    I am a 40 year old gay man and I like sex the privacy of my own home. Not in banquet rooms of hotels. It’s freaking ridiculous...get a life people. Slings at the Doubletree or any other hotel? Get real. Not appropriate!

  • , 2009-01-18 20:06:55

    Well where do we drawn the line? On freedom of expression if nightclub environment I support! You say this (Profound) but accurate, majority of gays are divided. I for one is incline in my residence this not acceptible. Gay culture but exhibitionist whom use Gay culture to benefit. There purpose people wake up, this not solidarity nor unity...I said it trashy Gays. I am tired of the general masses whom, only think were only think of sex! We need to stop rationalizing when Gay organizations use the term freedom out of contexts. I am a man not Leather Stud or Biker Jock the negative image of Gay men!

  • PolishBear, 2009-01-19 10:17:20

    For many decades various Religious Right groups like Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, etc. have been portraying Gay Americans as little more than predatory sexual maniac incapable of genuine love and commitment, incapable of conducting ourselves with decency and humility. That’s why anti-Gay folks like Peter LaBarbara must ADORE guys like Larry Barat, the most prominent spokeman for the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. I strongly support "privacy and sexual freedom." But how is taking over a Doubletree Hotel for the purpose of "fucking our brains out" doing any favors for the LGBT community from a public relations point of view? Yes, I am fully aware that Straight people engage in orgies, watersports, S&M and so on, and I know it’s hypocritical for focus on the Gay while turning a blind eye to the Straight. Like it or not, we HAVE to promote a better image for ourselves if we are serious for being granted the same legal rights and responsibilities that Straight people take for granted. If that means that Larry Barat and his fellow "sex-pigs" need to drive out to the country and find a barn for their orgy rather than a respectable hotel, so much the better.

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