Gay Porn Performer Mason Wyler Defends Claim He Was Gang-Raped and Brutally Attacked

by Jonas Oliver
Friday Oct 10, 2008

In a post on his blog, 24-year-old gay porn star Mason Wyler suggests that while he might be promiscuous, his claim that he was brutally beaten, gang-raped and held at gunpoint at his home in late September is completely true. The latest post at Wyler Nation from the prolific adult film performer was in response to suggestions and comments circulating around the web which posit that Wyler, who is known in the adult film industry as a 'power bottom,' concocted his story of sexual battery at the hands of 28-year-old army captain as a publicity stunt and that he willingly engaged in the abusive activities he claims to have been subjected to.

According to a statement Wyler gave to police at the end of September, he lost his wallet at a local bar and had it returned to him at his home by an army captain, who got extremely aggressive after Wyler was initially receptive to assailant's advances.

In his original blog post, which was accompanied by photos of his injuries, Wyler alleges that the army captain demanded money from him for the return of the wallet, then punched him and kicked him before forcing him to strip off all his clothes and perform oral sex on him.

From there Wyler says he "was immobilized, gagged, and blindfolded with belts and duct tape" and sodomized repeatedly with a broom stick, anally and orally raped while being strangled with a power cord and forced to drink his assailant's urine. Wyler also claims that the army captain injected GHB into his anus to subdue him and then invited other unknown assailants into his apartment to rape him.

By Wyler's account, he escaped to a neighbor's home eventually, called 911, reported his story to the police and was taken to Parkland Hospital in the Dallas Medical Center, where a sexual assault exam was performed and DNA collected which purportedly indicated the presence GHB in Wyler's system and confirmed from semen samples taken from inside his rectum that there were at least three different assailants involved in the assault. has since confirmed that an incident report was filed with the Dallas Police Department in respect of the events Wyler alleges, though the gay porn pup now admits to having modified certain aspects of the story he told on his blog to protect his privacy and that of his boyfriend with whom he is said to be in a committed relationship.

Wyler explains the discrepancies in his story on his latest blog entry entitled "Rape Reality Part 3: The Closing Statement" as follows:

I changed the police report for various and valid reasons.

First off, the police report available to me and to the public had all of my personal information withheld (Thank God) but not having my name on it didn't help me disprove any of the rumors that this was just a grab for money or attention. So I photo shopped my name in. Obviously, it didn't help and just proved the fact that I'm no good at photo shopping.

Secondly, the police report with my name on it and all the juicy details that some people just seem to need to see before they quit talking trash will not be available to me for another 10 business days. Thats right, I called them, told them it was a report I made to the police dealing with a crime against me, and they told me I had to pay a fee, fill out a form, and then they would have to me in 10 business days. Don't believe me? Then call Police Public Records (214) 671 - 3345 and ask for yourself. Office hours from 9am to 6pm.

Thirdly, You damn clever homosexuals were correct in pointing out that the crime actually happened in Dallas not in Houston and that it happened a few weeks ago, not this past weekend. I changed those little details because I didn't want the random public knowing where I was living (and the street that I live on), my actual case number, my legal name, or any other details that you need not know. Which I'm sure you sneaky bastards will now be able to figure out anyway now that someone has posted the actual public report.

Why did I want to cover up certain facts you might ask. Well I didn't want people knowing that my boyfriend was involved, well more like he didn't want people knowing. He had the reaction that most of you think I should of had. And I tried my best to appease him.

Wyler's last comment about his boyfriend's involvement in the incident was also mentioned in his interview with in which he further alleges that both he and his boyfriend were actually assaulted and held at gunpoint by the army captain.

Assault aside, Mason Wyler, who admits in his blog that -- as abnormal as it may seem -- he began having sexual urges just 24 hours after reporting being viciously attacked and sexually battered, apparently has no intention of giving up his porn career or finding a way to control his admittedly high sexual drive. In fact Wyler claims that the reason behind his honesty is his desire to continue doing what he loves.

"Honestly, I can't believe I went through all this effort just to prove myself," Wyler wrote on his blog. "But I love my job and I had to make sure that the studios I work with all know that I wasn't lying about getting raped and that this wasn't a publicity stunt gone awry."

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