Baker Appeals Order to Provide Gay Wedding Cakes

Thursday Jul 17, 2014

A Lakewood baker is appealing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission's order that he prepare wedding cakes for gay couples.

Jack Phillips on Wednesday asked the Court of Appeals to reverse the May ruling by the Civil Rights Commission. Phillips was sued by a gay couple after he refused to make a cake to celebrate their wedding in 2012. Phillips says he is deeply religious and that making the cake would violate the Christian principles by which he runs his business, Masterpiece Cake Shop.

The Commission said Phillips' refusal violated the state's public accommodation law that requires businesses to serve customers regardless of their sexual orientation. Phillips' attorneys argue that decision violates Phillips' First Amendment rights.

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  • , 2014-07-18 09:12:12

    Where in the bible dose it say you can’t make a cake for someone of different values/faith? It doesn’t. No where can you find such a command. Though it is considered an abomination to eat dinner with someone of a different faith/race/culture.

  • Wayne M., 2014-07-18 22:45:07

    While I strongly believe in laws that make it clear one cannot discriminate or deny services to groups of people they do not like (In fact that was one of the principles of the civil rights movement.), I also feel that LGBT people should refuse to give our hard-earned money to any business that practices discrimination against us - or any other group in society.

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