NJ to File Defense of Civil Unions Vs Gay Marriage

Friday Aug 2, 2013

Lawyers for New Jersey are expected to defend the state's civil unions for same-sex couples as opposed to gay marriage.

Legal papers are due Friday in a lawsuit filed by gay couples and their children who say New Jersey's civil unions fall short of a court mandate that gay couples be treated the same as married couples.

The suit was expedited after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that invalidated key parts of a federal law banning same-sex marriage.

The advocates say New Jersey is now blocking them from getting rights granted by the federal government.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Aug. 15.

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  • Bob K, 2013-08-03 06:18:00

    There would be marriages in NJ, except for Christie There would be no Christie without the catholic bishops and conservative catholic organizations who put him there. PEOPLE NEED TO PUSH ON THE CATHOLIC CHURCH until it looks so bad that it changes strategy

  • Gibby, 2013-08-05 14:36:49

    Give Christie a bucket of chicken and kick him out the door.

  • Wayne M., 2013-08-06 10:23:23

    If the rights and privileges granted in civil unions are to be the same as the rights and privileges of marriage, then why have "civil unions" for same-sex couples, but keep "marriage" for opposite-sex couples. The facts are first, that "separate but equal" has always been unequal and that down the road, certain rights and privileges will be denied to same-sex couples in a "civil union"; and second, that those who believe the different names will satisfy opponents of equality for LGBT people, they are kidding themselves. We don’t need to search for a compromise; we must continue the fight for fully equality - nothing more and nothing less.

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