Albania Named ’Most Anti-Gay’ Country in Europe

by Sergio N. Candido
Saturday Mar 30, 2013

Despite having established anti-discrimination laws, Albania has been labeled Europe's most hostile country for gays, according to a new survey.

A study performed by the European Social Survey and published on today (March 26) found that 53 percent of Albanians surveyed said they are against homosexuality.

According to its website, ESS is a biennial cross-sectional survey that covers more than thirty nations to help find and explain changing trends, attitudes and beliefs in Europe. The ESS surveyed 1,200 people in Albania.

The Gay Star News writes that apart from Croatia, the survey does not include countries in the Western Balkans of Europe, where "homophobia is arguably stronger."

What may surprise some is that Albania doesn't have "anti-gay propaganda" laws like Russia. In fact, the country unanimously passed in 2010 anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT people.

In 2009, the country's Prime Minister Sali Berisha had announced his support for gay marriage legislation, but his wishes never materialized.

Albanian gay rights activist Kristi Pinderi told GSN the survey may not accurately reflect the country's attitude toward homosexuality because not enough people were surveyed.

I believe participation is needed from everyone. That is the first step to knowing the [full] situation," he said.

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