’You’re So Vain’ David Geffen Pays $14M for N.Y. Pad

by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 26, 2010

David Geffen is never far from the news pages. The former talent agent, who cut his teeth guiding the career of superstars like Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Cher, sold his eponymous record label for over $1 billion. Since then, he founded the Hollywood studio DreamWorks SKG (the "S" was for Steven Spielberg, the "K" for former Disney chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the "G" ... you figure it out).

He also has become one of the major gay philanthropists in the United States. The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA; the David Geffen Center for H.I.V. Prevention and Health Education; and the Geffen Center, the headquarters of God's Love We Deliver, which brings meals to people in New York City with AIDS, are a few examples.

Now, the Malibu, Calif.-based billionaire is on the move. The New York Times announced that he has purchased a co-op on New York's most prestigious street, Fifth Avenue, at its most prestigious corner, 59th Street, for $14.17 million.

The Brooklyn-born Geffen has had apartments near here before, including another on Fifth Avenue and one on Central Park South. Geffen also owned a home for several years in Fire Island Pines and also in the Hamptons.

In other Geffen news, Carly Simon has finally come clean about one of pop music's enduring mysteries, right up there with whether Paul died making Abbey Road and whether the lyrics of "Louis Louis" are dirty are just murky.

Her classic song, "You're So Vain" was not, as many thought, about Warren Beatty.

In an interview with British music magazine Uncut, the London Times reported, she revealed, "I'm just going to tell you this," she said. "The answer is on the new version of 'You're So Vain.' There's a little whisper - and it's the answer to the puzzle."

So who was it? Mick Jagger? Former husband James Taylor? Kris Kristofferson? David Bowie? David Cassidy? David Frost? David Lean? David Crosby? Well, it was a David ...

According to U.K. newspaper, the Sun, it's ... David Geffen. Rather than being about a jilted lover, the guy who saw his horse win in Saratoga, went to Nova Scotia to see a lunar eclipse and who's with someone who will spy on the wife of a close friend is her former record label head. Simon reportedly resented all of the attention Geffen, who headed Elektra, showered on Mitchell.

Steve Weinstein has been a regular correspondent for the International Herald Tribune, the Advocate, the Village Voice and Out. He has been covering the AIDS crisis since the early '80s, when he began his career. He is the author of "The Q Guide to Fire Island" (Alyson, 2007).


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