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New Online Resource and Report Provides Voters with Candidate Information on LGBT, HIV, and Health Equity Issues

Oct 6
With less than a month left before Election Day, Harlem United and Fenway Health have launched a campaign to educate voters about where the presidential candidates and the political parties stand on six key health equity issues.

Community Healthcare Network Hosts 6th Annual Transgender Health Conference

By EDGE | Oct 5
On October 7 at Pace University, the Community Healthcare Network (CHN) will host its 6th annual Transgender Health Conference.

GMHC Offering Housing For the First Time Ever

By EDGE | Oct 4
Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) announced today that for the first time, the agency will directly be offering housing with wraparound supportive services.

Danger! Survey Shows Your Child's Lunchbox Could Be a Bacteria Breeding Ground

Oct 4
Millions of children could be marching off to school every day with their lunchboxes packed with fruit, sandwiches... and harmful bacteria, according to a shocking new study.

British HIV Therapy Claims to Have Cure Within Its Sights

By EDGE | Oct 3
A team of scientists from five UK universities says it has come close to finding a potential cure for HIV, after a new therapy has rendered the virus completely undetectable in a 44-year-old man's blood.

Book Explores How 'Gayby Boomers' Experience Aging  

By EDGE | Sep 30
A new book shows how 'gayby boomers' -- members of the LGBT community who were the first to grow up during the gay rights movement and identify as LGBT, and who were the most heavily impacted by the AIDS epidemic -- face unique challenges as they age.

Travel Advisory Issued for 11 Southeast Asia Countries

By Mike Stobbe | Sep 29
U.S. health officials are advising pregnant women to postpone travel to 11 countries in Southeast Asia because of Zika outbreaks in the region.

Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries    

By EDGE | Sep 29
When it comes to foot and ankle surgery, there is the inevitable question: How bad will it hurt afterwards?

Tips for Doing a Self-Examination to Help Keep Skin Cancer in Check

By EDGE | Sep 29
Being diligent about skin cancer all year long is the best way to beat the odds and keep risks of getting it lower.

5 South Beach Sites with Zika-Infected Mosquitoes Identified

By Jennifer Kay | Sep 29
The first Zika-infected mosquitoes to be trapped on the U.S. mainland were caught in residential South Beach neighborhoods, Miami-Dade County officials announced Wednesday.

21 thru 30 of 6242 Stories