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Shameless - The Complete Second Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Dec 28, 2012
Shameless - The Complete Second Season

"Shameless" is not only tasteless, offensive and chock full of gratuitous sex, alcohol and drug use, but it's also changed what you can show on American television. This deliciously hilarious series follows the struggles of the hardworking Gallagher children and their deadbeat alcohol father. In watching their sometimes dark misadventures the family has become endearing and entertaining.

The second season, available on DVD, focuses on summer for the Gallaghers. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is working on her failed love with Steve (Justin Chatwin). Lip (Jeremy Allen White) struggles with the success rate of his sperm cells. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) continues his coming out journey that may include enlisting.

The DVD set includes bonus features that are genuinely entertaining. They shed light on what a unique and captivating cast and crew are involved in the show. There are Shameless Actor Discussions that feature actor couples interviewing each other about their characters and experiences on-set. "Writing the Shameless Version" features the head writers discussing what it takes to write offensively with heart otherwise known as, the "Shameless" way.

"Writing the Shameless Version" features the head writers discussing what it takes to write offensive with heart otherwise known as, the "Shameless" way.

"The Complicated Life of Fiona Gallagher" profiles the character's journey throughout the season. "The Art of Acting Drunk" is a slightly bombastic interview about William H. Macy's approach to the mad drunk genius of Frank Gallagher. The most fun and interesting feature is a viral Christmas music video that features the cast singing an original Christmas carol.

The unaired scenes are actually entertaining. Most shows just feature throwaway scenes, but "Shameless" includes funny or outrageous moments with some of the smaller characters. There is a look at Season 3 but it doesn't offer much insight about what is to come in the series.

"Shameless" has pushed the limits of good taste without losing its heart or wit. That has made it a must-see series that has definitively left a mark on television.

"Shameless: The Complete Second Season"
$ 39.98

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