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Girls - The Complete First Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Dec 14, 2012
Girls - The Complete First Season

"Girls" has made an impact on television with its commitment to "reality." The characters are embarrassingly honest, unabashedly self absorbed and disgustingly hipster. That being said, actor/creator Lena Dunham has made her mark on television. Now, if only she would stop congratulating herself.

The Blu-Ray of the series includes Blu-Ray, DVD and digital versions of the season. It's also chock full of bonus features but they all seem to celebrate Lena Dunham's genius and creativity. Sure, a show about young women of our current generation living in the recession and trying to make their lives work is entertaining. Yes, a show that manages to find a new spin on sex and dating in New York City after "Sex and the City" is an achievement. But a sense of modesty would make the pill easier to swallow.

"A Conversation with the Girls" features the four cast of the show pretentiously musing on the creation of the series. "A Conversation with Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow" features the two filmmakers celebrating each other. There are also table reads from some of the episodes. They feature the cast on stage with an audience watching the reading. Possibly the coup de grace of the Lena Dunham self-obsession is a Twitter "journal" that includes tweets and photos from the director's twitter. Ultimately, it toes the line of bad taste.

Possibly the coup de grace of the Lena Dunham self-obsession is a Twitter "journal" that includes tweets and photos from the director’s twitter.

Some of the more interesting features are the gag reel which is included in two parts. The deleted and extended scenes are enjoyable to watch as is "The Making of Girls." What's most fun are the audition videos that include Andrew Rannells of "The New Normal" fame. There is also audio commentary and a NPR interview with Lena Dunham.

"Girls" is an innovative series. Lena Dunham is also a talented writer director and actor. However, if she would spend less time congratulating herself, the Blu-Ray series might not feel like such a chore.

"Girls: The Complete First Season"
Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy

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