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The Sarah Silverman Program - Season Three

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 18, 2012
The Sarah Silverman Program - Season Three

The Sarah Silverman Program is a cornucopia of offensive humor, gross-out jokes and bizarre child-like songs. The third and final season of the show, available on DVD, ups the ante on a show that already has no filter.

Each episode, Sarah discovers some aspect of polite culture she must attack while her sister Laura Silverman, and her friends Brian Posehn and Steve Agee have their own misadventures and try to save her. Brian and Steve just so happen to be a gay couple that strives to be as gross and unattractive as possible. Whether it's children shows, keeping children out of vans or Holocaust memorials Silverman does not shy away from pushing the envelope...into a whole other zip code.

The DVD is loaded with bonus features but they seem to be focused on the making of the show. There is a roundtable with the shows writers and producers which includes some funny behind-the-scenes tidbits about pranks in the writer's room and the source of some of the memorable songs. There is a Q&A session with the cast and creators that was filmed at a premiere of the show.

Included in the DVD set is "Odds 'N' Ends" which seems to be a behind the scenes series. There is an "episode" for each episode of the shoq. This tends to be very production focused and not as much of a must-see bonus feature. Some aspects are interesting but it can be a chore at times to watch through them.

Since it's the final season the DVD includes some great series features including the original pilot with optional commentary by Silverman and co-creators Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab. There are also audition videos for Jay Johnston and Steve Agee.

Fans of "The Sarah Silverman Program" will love this DVD send-off for the series. Newcomers may enjoy Silverman's unique take on offensive humor.

"The Sarah Silverman Program Season Three"
$ 19.99

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