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Glee returns :: Kurt dates, Rachel gets a rival and Will does ’Rocky Horror’

by Fred Topel
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 20, 2010

Glee returns after a groundbreaking debut season with further developments of its most powerful storylines. Series creator Ryan Murphy promises to follow-up on the scene where Kurt (Chris Colfer)'s father Burt (Mike O'Malley) yells at Finn (Cory Monteith) for using the F-word.

"We always had a master plan, which will come to fruition in season two," Murphy said. "I think that Mike O'Malley's character needs to sort of really learn more about the Finn-Kurt relationship and sort of learn about Kurt's feelings and have an opinion on that. That's something that we're going to do a whole episode about, that Kurt sort of has to deal with the idea of young romantic love. But I think it's very difficult for that character in his high school environment. I don't think he knows anybody else like him."

It was great drama and satisfying to see a man defend his gay son on national television. Kurt and Finn were forced to live together because their parents are dating. What Mr. Hummel doesn't know is that Kurt does have a crush on Finn. Finn is straight so he has to deal with the issue of unwanted advances too.

"People wrote articles that Finn wasn't treated fairly," Murphy said. "I don't know if it's about treated fairly but I think that there's a complete other side that we are going to explore where he will get to tell his side of the story and what he feels has happened. But I love that storyline and I like that we're doing even more with the Kurt and Mike O'Malley characters."

The gay storyline

Colfer is excited to revisit that issue in the new season. "It was such an almost groundbreaking but also very touchy subject when we filmed it," Colfer said. "It’ll be interesting to see if Burt stands by what he said to Finn or if he kind of regrets it, so it’ll be interesting either way. I think everyone overreacted to the situation. Kurt was overreacting with his emotions for Finn and Finn overreacted by calling him that name and the dad of course overreacted by defending him. I think it was more about his own personal circle rather than it was about Finn’s action in that moment."

Glee is giving a voice to anybody who’s ever been unpopular, whether it’s because they liked to sing or they dressed differently or because they were gay. Representing the gay storyline, Colfer gets to see firsthand the impact the show makes on viewers.

"It’s very hard to read fan mail without having tissue nearby to cry your eyes out because there’s so much improvement the world can make," Colfer said. "It’s almost like you can feel it in the room when you’re filming it. It’s going to mean something to someone. It’s going to be very, very important to someone watching out there. It’s like an energy change."

Some fans won’t admit it, but Colfer knows they’re avid viewers. "On the street it’s usually just like, ’Are you the guy from Glee?’ And if it’s a guy, he always says, ’Oh, my mom or my girlfriend love you.’ Never him, never him and you’re like, ’Sure, right, like you don’t watch the show too.’ Then of course the messages from fans are very, very touching and sad and inspiring all at the same time."

On a lighter note, Kurt will be dating this year. Murphy promised to give him a boyfriend. Now he just has to find out who gets the part. "I don’t know what Kurt’s type is. I just hope that it’s someone less attractive than me because I do not want to be the weak link of the couple. It’s horrible. Probably tall and gangly, that’s probably his type."

Representing gay characters on television makes an impact for the cause of acceptance. It’s also still a fun show about kids who burst into song. "I think it’s a lot of fun because it’s such a roller coaster," Colfer said. "It’s really interesting because I try to make Kurt have just as much passion when he’s talking about wanting equal rights in the show as much as he is when he wants to do Britney Spears in glee club. I just try to make sure that he’s always passionate."

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Doing the time warp (on Glee)

Murphy has also promised an episode inspired by The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show. It will be the second time Matthew Morrison did the musical. "I did it on Broadway so I’m really looking forward to that," Morrison said. "They haven’t written that episode yet but I got the role of Rocky [on Broadway]; but I was in a boy band at the time so I didn’t do it. When I quit the boy band, I was just in the ensemble which was great. I wore six inch platforms every night."

Hopefully Will Scheuster gets a part in the Glee version. For his part, Colfer has a request too. "I want to be Riff Raff so bad," Colfer said. "I know the fans want me to be Frank N Furter but Chris wants to be Riff Raff really bad. I’ve done the heels. I wore the heels in Gaga. I don’t need to bring that back."

Lea Michele wants to know who’s going to play Rocky. "I’m excited to see who’s going to wear the gold shorts in the Rocky Horror episode," she said.

Actually, that’s about all Michele knows about the musical. "I’m not very familiar with Rocky. I did see Matt Morrison in Rocky Horror when he did it on Broadway but I don’t remember it. It was a couple years ago so Chris Colfer is going to sit me down and give me the full wrap-up. We talked about it today. They have the midnight movies so we might go to one of those. Chris Colfer’s a really big Rocky Horror fan, really big Rocky Horror fan."

In the Rachel Berry storyline, a new rival will threaten her position as the star of glee club. Charice is playing Sunshine Corazon. "She and I filmed a hilarious scene the other day," Michele said. "She is the tiniest most wee person I’ve ever seen in my life and she’s so darling and she’s so sweet. Hearing her hum and sing backstage she has a gorgeous voice. I would give Ryan Murphy a little bit more credit than that. She is going to be a rival in a sense but knowing Ryan he’ll probably make us become best friends or something. I’m interested to see where he goes. I don’t think it’s going to be what you think it’s going to be. That’s my prediction, but we might be in a catfight. I don’t know."

Sue Sylvester has a rival too, but Sue’s got that under control. "I have a new focus for my anger which is a female football coach who has an Achilles heel," Lynch said. "She actually has a heart and I get in there and try to crush it. We have this new female football coach who’s trying to find her way with the guys and get respect from them and of course I’m thwarting her at every step. That’s all I know right now."

In real life, Lynch married her partner, Dr. Lara Embry. She’s ambiguous about Sue’s sexuality. "I think she’d be whatever it takes to get the power," Lynch joked.

Lynch won the Emmy this year for her portrayal of Sue and thanked her wife in her speech. She speaks about marriage in personal terms rather than political ones. "Waking up with someone you love and getting to spend every day with them is just the best," she said. "And having a child with that person is the best."

Glee fans want to see Will get together with Emma Pillsbury. His ex-wife Terri is coming back into his life too. "She’s going to make me crazy for sure. There’s the ongoing thing with Will and Emma. I think I realize that she is someone I want to be with, but bad timing. John Stamos is on the show now so him and I are going to butt heads a little bit. I haven’t worked with him yet but I think he’s just really good looking and he’s got great teeth because he’s a dentist and obviously John Stamos has done a few Broadway shows so he can sing as well. I think we’ll see what happens."

Last season devoted an entire episode to Madonna music. This season there is a Britney Spears episode. "I’m excited for our Britney episode," Michele said. "I’m recreating one of Britney’s most famous videos so I’m very excited about that. When Rachel does it she says it makes her oddly feel very powerful so it did but then after a while I wanted to put my jeans back on."

Glee returns September 21 on Fox.

i>Listen to the Glee cast sing "Telephone." The song will be sung on episode 1 of Season 2:


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