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Charlie Murphy - "I Will Not Apologize"

by Brian Callaghan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Mar 1, 2010
Charlie Murphy - "I Will Not Apologize"

For many years, Charlie Murphy was best known as the brother of comedian Eddie Murphy. He'd show up occasionally in movies like his brother's Harlem Nights or in the background on Saturday Night Live, but Charlie was far from a household name.

However the comedian has now come into his own and is well known due to his hugely popular appearances on Dave Chappelle's Show, The Howard Stern Show and via his stand-up performances at comedy clubs around the country.

His first stand-up DVD, I Will Not Apologize (Image Entertainment), features Murphy in an hour-long appearance filmed last year at Boston's Wilbur Theatre.

It's a hit-and-miss performance that's more miss than hit.

One long riff has him discussing the male ego and how much trouble it can get men into when they go climbing mountains and getting into fights they can't win. Murphy seems to carry himself with a fair amount of ego, despite not having nearly the accomplishments of his wealthier, more famous brother.

The comic looks a lot like his brother, with a shaved head, big impish smile and his large expressive eyes.

He seems somewhat self-satisfied and has lots of swagger, but there's very little really funny or original material here. F- and S-bombs are dropped frequently, but overuse negates their comic impact after a short time.

Murphy talks about men giving their dicks nicknames and bragging too much about their sexual exploits, the movie 300, and a very unfunny bit about "high-functioning retards." He calls O.J. Simpson a "stupid motherfucker" for getting away with a double murder and then showing up on a golf course and writing books like "If I Did It." O.J. jokes 15 years after the case are just not something a cutting edge comic should be doing now.

The comic also chats about Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Bernie Madoff, John Wayne Bobbitt, the Dog Whisperer, and other celebrities. The single laugh-out-loud line on the disc is when he says Flavor Flav "looks like a burnt cat."

Bonus features include snippets of interviews with fans in Europe and some scenes of his performances in Sweden. Also there's footage of Murphy sampling various foods while touring around, talking about Don Imus' comments about the Rutgers basketball team, always getting selected by airport security, and having a dog that unexpectedly ends up being gay.

While Charlie Murphy is always a good guest on the Stern show, and won lots of fans on Chappelle's Show, this disc isn't a whole lotta laughs.


  • , 2010-05-09 06:31:37

    I just watched it on Comedy Central and thought it was funny as hell. But then again, I live in Nashville. Might not play as well up north.

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