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Tracks Poppin’ Into Clubs

by Jimmy Newsum
Thursday May 3, 2012

Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Summer is close, but not here yet. If you can't wait to feel the heat, check out what's spinning on gay dance floors. From the deepest, grooviest, most heartfelt vocal tracks, to the head throbbing, pounding and pulsating heavy beats, these are the top scorchers raising temperatures in clubs right now.

"Don't Dumb Me Down"

Mika Newton

The latest protégé of American Idol's Randy Jackson shows tremendous promise as a distinctive vocalist capable of more emotionally resonant performances than most of her contemporary pop-rockers. Mike Newton has been called a cross between Cheryl Lloyd and Ace of Base, and in "Don't Dumb Me Down", her American debut, she demonstrates two sides of her personality - the bubbly youth that lies beneath and the young woman bursting to emerge. Newton warns listeners not to judge her by her pretty exterior. Hot girls can be smart, she argues with an up-tempo track that explodes into its chorus to great effect. We believe her, too. She must have something upstairs to have landed heavy-hitting songwriters like Rune Westberg (Adam Lambert, Daughtry) and BC Jean (Beyoncé) on her team. Expect to hear lots more from this hot, young, Ukrainian import.

#TOTDF aka "Texting on the Dance floor"

Jonny McGovern

They say to write about what you know. Jonny McGovern, or The Gay Pimp as he is more commonly known, says he came up with the idea for #TOTDF aka "Texting On The Dance floor" standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor. All around, guys were rockin’ to the music while checking out their Grindr, tweeting and tagging people they were with on Facebook. So what did the gay party scene’s answer to Al Yankovic decide to do? He put it to song, of course. #TOTDF brilliantly celebrates the latest dance floor craze while also mocking the insanity of it. Like all of McGovern’s ditties, the song is impressively produced with a can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head hook. It’s fun, rambunctious, and a record that deserves to become the celebratory gay party anthem of the summer.


Sasha Gradiva

Sasha Gradiva conquered the hearts of the gay circuit scene with her electrifying performance at this past winter’s Matinee Party in New York. Now, the girl who famously showed up to the Grammy’s wearing a fake gun is taking aim at mainstream with "Wanted". The elements are all aligned for maximum pop potency: a mighty hook; seasoned producer (Tricky Stewart, the man behind Rihanna’s "Umbrella"); well-executed trend-jumping (a lot of spit-and-polished dubstep appropriation); and at the center of it all, Gradiva’s sexy robot kitten coo, which seems more authentic in its blatant artificiality than most of her more discreetly Auto-Tuned peers. "Wanted" is sleek, sexy and most importantly, danceable.

"This is Your Night"

Kristina Korban

The super catchy song that made Amber a club sensation in 1996 has been Ke$ha-fied by super hot Ukranian songstress (what’s up with all the new dance artists from the Ukraine?), Kristina Korban. This marks the second time the song has been updated for clubs. Amber herself released an updated version in 2008 that many said was better than the original. Korban takes the song one step further, combining wall-to-wall synth waves and booty bass with sledgehammer electro-brat-pop beats and deliciously unsubtle innuendo. She turns the classic club track into the ultimate dance-floor narcotic that literally pummels the listener into lobotomized musical escapism

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