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Peter Pan - Diamond Edition

by David Foucher
EDGE Publisher
Friday Feb 8, 2013
Peter Pan - Diamond Edition

Watching Disney's "Peter Pan" in 2013 makes one appreciate the state of the art in 1953. James M. Barrie's story enjoyed its most popular incarnation (sorry, Ms. Martin) thanks to Walt's colorful imagination, and the story still enchants 60 years later. The story of the boy who refused to grow up has a necessary place on any aficionado's shelf - or at least, in the bookcases of children everywhere.

Here, the film is beautifully restored in Hi-Def for Blu-ray and DVD. Please do remember: this was 1953, and widescreen film hadn't been invented yet. Nonetheless, Disney smartly letterboxes the film vertically for HD TVs, and I barely noticed the lack of anamorphic stretch. Audio quality is terrific (which is terribly important when you want your daughter to sing "You Can Fly" for weeks), and the picture is crisp and bold.

I've not seen the film for a decade or so; it was somewhat surprising to revisit the world of Pan, particularly the whimsical but jealous incarnation of Tinkerbell (we all think of her as such a nice fairy, flying over Cinderella's castle - not so much), and the extraordinarily whimsical drawing of Captain Hook.

For kids, or for kids who never grew old, "Peter Pan" is still such a wonderful film.

Special Features Include ::

1. Blu-ray(TM) Feature Film + Bonus
2. Growing Up With Nine Old Men
3. And Much More!
4. DVD Feature Film + Bonus
5. Digital Copy Of Feature Film
6. Storybook App -- Plays On iPad(TM), iPhone(TM) And iPod Touch(TM)
7. Disney Intermission -- Press Pause And See What Happens!
8. Introduction By Diane Disney Miller
9. Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scene
10. Never-Before-Seen Alternate Ending
11. Deleted Songs

David Foucher is the CEO of the EDGE Media Network and Pride Labs LLC, is a member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association, and is accredited with the Online Society of Film Critics. David lives with his daughter in Dedham MA.


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