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The Island

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 11, 2012
The Island

Leave it to Michael Caine to act his best in a major flop. The cult 1980 pirate thriller The Island makes its high-definition debut but viewers who have not seen this plodding film should rent it first.

Following on the heels of the successful novelization of "Jaws", author Peter Benchley wrote yet another oceanic adventure with "The Island". Instead of a man-eating shark, Benchley offered up a tale of man-killing pirates surviving on an island for 300 years. His adaptation to film is far-fetched to the point of hilarity.

Caine plays a reporter and is sent, along with his son Justin, to research the disappearance of several ships in the Bermuda Triangle. When they are suddenly kidnapped by a band of pirates (among them is David Warner), it's bloody a fight to the finish as Justin becomes brainwashed and Caine falls in love with a female pirate. "The Island" is surprisingly quite violent for its time, with limbs being severed and characters bludgeoned to death.

Besides the anamorphic transfer and beautiful island setting, "The Island" doesn't offer much in the way of plot or action. The over-the-top gory ending is cheesy 80's schlock and has to be seen to be believed. One wonders if "The Island" would've fared better with a different director: Steven Spielberg, why weren't you available to save this film from dreaded obscurity?

There are no special features to be found on "The Island" Blu-ray.

"The Island"
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

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