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End Of Watch

by Harker Jones
Tuesday Jan 22, 2013
End Of Watch

In the gritty police drama "End of Watch," cops Taylor and Zavala (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña) tape both their professional exploits and their personal lives; but like many found-footage films, the gimmick never quite coalesces because it veers from first-person to third-person POV without ever explaining the difference.

Regardless, the solid, suspenseful film gives unusual-for-a-cop-movie insight into our protagonist's lives. This isn't a buddy cop movie or a dirty cop movie. This is a bromance cop movie. And Taylor and Zavala are forthright about their affection for each other, in private as well as in public.

Unfortunately, despite the solid production, the DVD/Blu-ray offers very little in terms of extras. There ARE 46 minutes of deleted scenes, but they're almost all unnecessary (A boxing subplot? A shot setting up a scene? Does that even count as a deleted scene?), and too much time is spent with Taylor and Zavala in confessionals recounting a heroic deed we've just witnessed.

The solid, suspenseful film offers unusual-for-a-cop-movie insight.

There are also five short featurettes, so short that they should be one 6-minute feature. They simply repeat the same clips and the same declarations about the film's authenticity. The commentary by writer-director David Ayer offers more as he explains how he was convinced to do a found-footage cop movie and his insight into the villains as well as the relationship between Taylor and Zavala.

Though you may not need the bells and whistles, such as they are, the film is a solid look at life in the LAPD, as ugly and thrilling as it can be.

"End of Watch"
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