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Playing Hard To Get

by Jason Salzenstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jun 29, 2009
Playing Hard To Get

If you're familiar with Corbin Fisher (and if you're reading this and you're not my BF or future mother-in-law, chances are high that you are), you don't have to be a rocket scientist, brain surgeon, or Harvard grad to figure out what fills the pages of Corbin Fisher's Playing Hard to Get. A follow-up to his Amateur College Men, although the subject matter isn't exactly ground-breaking and the models don't look so much like they were stolen from the pages of European fashion and fitness magazines, there's something pure, refreshing, and fun in this latest Bruno Gmunder release.

In fact, one of the best things about this volume is its simplicity, and the natural beauty of the models. When "boy next door" has come to mean Abercrombie & Fitch perfection, it's refreshing to see a book filled with guys who actually look like they could live in your neighborhood. (Assuming you live in a very attractive neighborhood.) The photos in Playing Hard to Get have a feeling of genuineness often missing in many over-produced, super stylized, glammed-up coffee table books today. These are "everyday guys" in a natural setting.

Of course that's not to say the models- and photos- aren't hot; they certainly are. They're also anything but na?ve. The difference is that rather than approaching sex as dirty and something to be ashamed of or rebel against, Corbin Fisher has found guys who are innocent in their sexuality. They're not hung up on it, and for them it's light and playful. And we get to watch.

Playing Hard to Get is not quite HARDCORE as other Bruno Gmunder photo books, which makes it a nice contrast to existing titles you may have on your shelf. The style of photography and composition is also a bit lighter, fresh, and natural. You could say it's the perfect beautiful male photographic work for spring!

About $35 at Amazon.com.

Bruno Gmunder, 120 pages, $53.99

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