Latino Americans

by JC Alvarez
Friday Sep 13, 2013
’Latino Americans’ runs over three consecutive Tuesdays, Sept. 17 and 18 and Oct. 1
’Latino Americans’ runs over three consecutive Tuesdays, Sept. 17 and 18 and Oct. 1  (Source:PBS)

The history of the Latin American immigrant is fully detailed in the PBS documentary series "Latino Americans." This three-part, six-hour series, set to premiere as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, covers the timely issues currently facing Latinos living in the United States, and the unique history of the first explorers entering into North America. The documentary lends insight to the identity of Hispanics and the cultural pride of a people seeking, above all, opportunity and freedom.

Beautifully dramatized and narrated by actor Benjamin Bratt, the series reveals the history of the first Spanish explorers who ventured into North America. The Mexican expansion of territory was determined by a desperate need from the people seeking a desire for a better quality of life. The migration would eventually lead to the Mexican-American War, the consequences of which are still felt today, as a debate ensues on the border between the United States and Mexico.

The documentary eventually delves into the contemporary stories of Latino Americans who have valiantly served in World War II, and especially shaped our country. With the growing population and influx of immigrants from Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Latinos have become a powerful voice in the United States. Today, they make up the largest number among minorities and have led to increasing debates over immigration reform to address the issue of undocumented workers.

Part of the series also reveals how Latino cultures have helped to build parts of the United States, including South Florida after the mass exodus including the Mariel deportees of the '80s.

"Latino Americans" reveals the positive influence that immigration has had on the culture -- and vibrant economy -- of the United States. Latinos have contributed in great measure to businesses, sports, politics and entertainment. In six parts, "Latino Americans" promises to change the perception of one of the most diverse groups affecting the changing dynamic of the United States.

"Latino Americans"
premieres on PBS Tuesday, September 17th
as part of this year's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

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