The Spitting Image

by Kay Bourne
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Mar 26, 2011
The Spitting Image

In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to the lover he can't quite get over in Sophie Klein's sharply written romantic drama The Spitting Image. Her love triangle times two continues at Factory Theatre through April 2 as part of Happy Medium Theatre's second full-length season.

Her fanciful take on stories from Greek mythology evidences that passion and renewal are as significant in our lives as in the lives of the ancients. With the delightful The Spitting Image, Klein, who is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Classical Studies at Boston University, makes reference to the relationships between Orpheus and Eurydice and Pygmalion and Galatea. The playwright's in a lineage of excellence doing just that: think of Tennessee Williams' Orpheus Rising or the musical My Fair Lady (based on George Bernard Shaw's reworking of the Pygmalion and Galatea myth.)

Under the assured direction of Jared Culverhouse (2010 GLAAD Media awardee for his direction of She Likes Girls), The Spitting Image grips our attention as the mystery of an artist's fixation on the girl asleep on a park bench as his model/muse is unraveled. What does he see in her; why does she agree to continue to pose for him?

Darcie Champagne is mesmerizing as the sales girl from Macy's who is transformed from drudge to diva through her encounter with an artist in mourning for his wife who died the night before his first important exhibit opened. She fascinates physically as she gradually, scene by scene, develops into a beautiful woman, while her strength as a person also grows perceptually in interesting fashion. Champagne is well assisted in this march from Before to After by costume designer Lesley Anne Moreau and the actor's own knack with make-up and hair styling.

Zach Eisenstat gives a powerful performance as the shattered painter looking for love in all the wrong places, while Glen Moore as the mild mannered accountant and long time friend of the model has us cheering when metamorphosis does its changing act on him as well.

A play about resurrection and the power of hot love in our lives couldn't be a more perfect outing for this time of year as nature begins to hint at its own eagerly anticipated rebirth.

The Spitting Image is performed Thursday and Fridays at 8 pm, Saturdays at 4 & 8 pm and Sunday at a 4 o'clock matinee at The Factory Theatre, 791 Tremont Street (off the parking lot in the back of the Piano Craft Building). For more information go on-line to www.happymediumtheatre.com.


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