A Good Day to Die Hard

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
A Good Day to Die Hard

Someone please remind the film makers of "A Good Day to Die Hard" that the Cold War is over. Russia is actually an ally and one of the world's super powers, so making them dastardly film villains is in poor taste - isn't it? But wherever there is even the slightest civil unrest it would appear that Bruce Willis' everyman-hero John McClane will be in the thick of things wrecking havoc!

When John's very grown up son Jack, the very hunky-from-every-angle Jai Courtney, ends up in a Russian prison after the public assassination of a local official, McClane heads out to help Jack, and unwittingly botches up Jack's CIA spy game. It's up to them to clean up the diplomatic mess and keep their political prisoner alive. But this may be bigger than either one of the McClanes can handle and though the commercial landscape of the motherland may have changed, there are still ghosts in its past with grave secrets to reveal.

Death and destruction ensues when the two are reunited leading to the most insane car chase in cinematic history (there's a great bonus feature detailing the shoot choreography needed to pull off a stunt of this scale). It becomes a race to prevent a mad man from becoming a super power onto himself. It'll be a wonder if Russia ever allows American film crews back into their borders. For the die hard...the usual disregard for property damage is a given.

If the expectation is to reboot the franchise as a vehicle for the younger McClane with Jai Courtney at the helm, then "Die Hard" fans will agree. A pair of Levi's and matching set of sweaty guns never looked so good on the up-and-coming action star. Just look at how big his boots are! Jai fills them out just fine.

The Blu-ray disc "A Good Day to Die Hard" features both the theatrical version and an unrated, extended cut. It's also loaded with 'behind the scenes' revealing the spectacular stunts and effects that went into the making of the film. The skillfully produced titular documentary is a wonderful thing. Alas there is no 360 pre-vis of Courtney. You'll have to just hit the pause button at the appropriate time and sigh - protecting democracy never looked so good.

"A Good Day to Die Hard"
Starring Bruce Willis
Available on Blu-ray for $29.00

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